A few decades ago, choosing a backpack was easy since people never really carried things that needed extra special protection from dings and damages. These days though, it is an entirely different story and with more and more people carrying laptops and pricey cameras in their backpacks, there is a need for bags and backpacks that offer protection from bumps and dings that might render these equipment useless.

Luckily, manufacturers have taken notice and are coming out with a vast number of backpacks and bags that are specially made to store these laptops and cameras. They not only come in all shapes and sizes but in all sorts of materials with different kinds of protective additions. Now, the thing to remember here is that one laptop or camera bag will not be the same as the others and there are some that are just downright awful and not worth your money.

What to Look for a Bag to House Laptops and Cameras

When looking for bags and backpacks to store your camera or laptop in, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the level of protection that it can give your camera and laptop. You want to look for ones that can protect them from dings and bumps. The ones that offer waterproof features are also a big plus. Now, some of you might wonder about aesthetics but the fact here is that you do not have to sacrifice form for functionality. There are so many great-looking bags and backpacks out there that you can easily find one that suits all of your wants and needs.

Another thing that you may be worried about is the price. Again, some of these bags and backpacks are pricier than others while others tend to be cheaper but do not perform as well. If you want to get a better idea of the best backpacks for cameras and laptops then have a look at the top 5 listed below.

Top Bags and Backpacks

1. Tenba Messenger Photo Daypack

Tenba Messenger Photo Daypack

This is a pretty nice looking back that has solid lines and construction. What is nice about it is that it can fit laptops up to 15” and can accommodate a MacBook Pro 17” computer. For camera enthusiasts, you can safely store your SLR body plus 2 to 3 lenses along with some magazines and other photography accessories. It looks fun and casual on the outside but is all business on the inside. You will also like that this is lightweight so it will never cramp your style.

Buy $153.95

2. Lowepro Fastpack 250

Lowepro Fastpack 250

This backpack looks like any old backpack at first glance but if you look at the design, you will see a side entry compartment that gives you easy access to DSLR equipment and accessories. Its triple compartment offers top camera protection and can fit in a laptop that has a 15.4” widescreen. It comes with a tough, waterproof fabric for added protection. This is a backpack that takes your camera’s protection very seriously.

Buy $65.88

3. Crumpler Karachi Outpost (M)

Crumpler Karachi Outpost (M)

This is a backpack that manages to look good and at the same time, offers your gadgets maximum protection. It comes with a main compartment with removal padding plus a zippered mesh cover. The fully configurable 13-piece velcro and nylon divider system means you will never have to worry about losing things inside your backpack. It has a 6-pocket clutter buster and a padded laptop compartment with removable pads. To make this even better, the outer fabric is water-resistant and has a Rip-stop lining, among other amazing features.

Buy $260

4. Incase DSLR Pro Sling Pack

Incase DSLR Pro Sling Pack

Are you a photographer looking for a bag that will meet all of your needs? If that is the case, then you will want to get your hands on this sling pack. It really is a no-frills backpack that will be easy for you to carry as you go about snapping images. It offers you ample space for your SLR body as well as all of your camera accessories and it also ensures that your equipment stays nice, safe, and dry. This is a great accessory for any photographer and will help make your lives easier for sure.

Buy $159.11

5. Domke Reporter’s Super Satchel

Domke Reporter's Super Satchel

This has to be one of the classiest-looking bags on the list. It is sized to fit most laptop computers and leaves you extra room for those files that you need for class or for work. The gip strap is fully adjustable and offers a most comfortable fit. To make it even better, it comes with expanding front pockets with flaps along with several compartments on the inside. This is a great investment for people who are always on the go.

Buy $77.49

These are amazing bags that will surely meet all of your needs. You will find it easier to move around even when carrying heavy devices with these bags in your life.

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