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To keep pace with the changing business scenario it is very important to remain informed about the top emerging trends. 2013 is going to experience a pivotal shift in decision making capacity regarding technological implementations in an organization. As companies will continue focusing on improving customer experiences most decisions in future regarding technological upgrades are likely to come from the Chief Marketing officer instead of the Chief IT officer.

The policies will focus towards ensuring better retention rate by engaging customers over a longer period of time. As CRM acts as the major platform for customer handling importance has been attached to learning the changing trends of it. Below we have listed some of the top trends of CRM in 2013 that are likely to affect the performance of your business in the coming days.


#1 Hosted CRM

Customer relationship management software is now an important part of any organization as its serves as the main driving force for sales workflow automation and customer management. So, most likely you’ll not be able to avoid it in 2013. Hosted CRM services are expected to have a great run in the coming days. It makes sense as hosted services are simple to use, customizable and often don’t need additional investment towards technological upgrades.

#2 CRM customization

Enterprises have found that the use of available standard customer management software often forces them to change the ways they conduct business and it is often not what they desire. As a result, companies may invest heavily on CRM customization to make software more adaptive to their business.

There is going to be a growing demand for customizable, open source CRM solutions that will let the users use plug-ins and add-ons to change the software package to make it look more like a part of their organization.

#3 Social CRM

Companies have realized that it pays to listen to what the customers have to say about their products and services. Social network has now become a very important part of a company’s business strategy. Hence, there is a need to integrate the social media platform to your customer relationship management software to track the social media performance of a brand.

Social CRM integration opens avenues for your representatives to interact and engage customers over the networking sites and ensures better retention rate.

#4 Small business CRMs

This is going to be the year when most projects will be implemented to small businesses. As a result, many software solution providing companies are now targeting the growing small scale enterprise market for their products and designing targeted business intelligence solutions that will cater to the specific needs of these enterprises.

#5 Mobility

Mobility is going to another domineering trend. The ability to access your customer management interface from anywhere, anytime can prove invaluable for your business. This will allow your marketing executive to stay update on meetings, calls, deals and sales even when on-the-go. This is going to add dynamism to your business and improve efficiency.

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