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Web designers enjoy the flexibility of being able to manage their web designs while on the go. Many applications have been created specifically for web designers to make their jobs easier. If the designer is in a coffee shop, airport or on a train, they can improve, edit or publish information on their websites. Though there are over 25 applications geared toward web designers, the top applications will be useful for nearly anyone in this industry.

Note: All of the images and the download link lead to the download page in the Apple App Store.

Blogger ($1.99)

This multi-functional blogging platform gives web designers access to several blogging tools in one convenient platform. Web designers may access WordPress, MyOpera, TypePad and LifeType from the blogging consolidation tool. The platform easily supports pictures, links, tags and numerous other blogging tools.

SIM only deals with Internet will allow clients to easily blog while on-the-go. Consumers purchasing SIM only deals with Internet have the flexibility of switching carriers if the mobile broadband is not fast enough, the price is not low enough or the coverage is not extensive enough. iBlogger! gives web designers the flexibility of updating their websites from their iPhones.


Dexigner (Free)

With Dexigner, users will get all the latest updates on design news, exhibitions, events, conferences and design competitions. Whenever a relevant conference to the web designers industry comes into the area, users will be informed. Designers will also be informed of all the design museums, design studios and designers in the area where they are located. Clients will find all types of relevant information related to their field from this convenient application.


Web Developer Bible (Free)

The Web Developer Bible has the potential to be instrumental to the web designer. This application contains a RGB to Hex color converter, C-Format Strings, URL Encoding Reference and many other features. Many users have complained that the codes are not as user friendly as they had hoped. Only numerical values are available. As the application improves, it will become instrumental to the web designer’s mobile arsenal.


iBlueSky ($9.99)

Designs unfortunately are not generated on demand. Ideas often come to designers in the middle of the night or while waiting in a restaurant or airport. Instead of trying to keep track of random pieces of paper, designers may record their ideas in iBlueSky and then email the ideas to other team members, clients or even to their own email. iBlueSky is an instrumental program that will help clients remain abreast of everything that is happening in their lives.


Discover (Free)

Discover is an iPhone application that acts as a wireless hard drive. Through the application, files can be shared with other iPhone users, as well as, other mobile phones that support this platform. The application will also open files like Microsoft Office Word, PDF and other applications as well.



iPhone applications may improve productivity of web designers by giving them the flexibility to create and edit websites away from the office. There are numerous times throughout the day when employees are sitting around and brilliant ideas come to them. The applications allow web designers to work when the ideas come and also allow web designers to help clients during emergencies.

The only impediment to working on the iPhone is the screen size and mobile broadband. As long as the screen size is optimized and mobile broadband is fast, the client will be able to complete their work easily. To improve productivity and mobility, consider SIM only contracts to take advantage of applications for web designers. Not only will iPhone applications allow mobility, but SIM only contracts will also allow flexibility in location.

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