To succeed in online business one should have excellent search engine rankings. Today, competition for lots of keywords is so intense that webmasters may only dream about getting into top 10 of Google or other search engines. Choosing the right keywords and optimizing own web pages accordingly is the only way to succeed, i.e. get good search engine rankings.

As mentioned above, sometimes it is virtually impossible to compete in certain niches. Google’s top may be crammed with trusted websites, aged domains and websites with an exceptional trust of search engines. So, keywords analysis will help better understand the competition in various niches. In other words, webmasters can use specialized tools to analyze keywords, number of searches per month, ads prices etc. It might be more reasonable to focus on low frequency keywords than to try to compete in popular niches where rivalry is just insane. Listed below are top 5 tools for keyword traffic analysis.

Google Adwords

Everyone knows about Google advertising. It’s not a secret to all of us that this company holds more than 50% of all Internet advertising market. Google Adwords is a paid service that helps advertisers to publish their ads online. However, this tool can be used in a variety of other ways. Thus, it is possible to search for any keywords and get necessary information on global or local monthly searches and price per ad click (for instance, it can be helpful for webmasters starting MFA sites).

Recently, Google released a new interface for Adwords with some interesting and helpful features, like keyword suggestions. In fact, Google Adwords is the most popular keyword analysis tool, although some webmasters claim that figures on monthly searches are somewhat incorrect. This means that this tool is comparatively weak for measuring seasonal keyword changes.


This is a fantastic keyword research tool offered with a 7 day trial and monthly subscription of 69$. This tool makes it possible to organize and create thousands of search terms with ease! Many webmasters claim Wordtracker is more efficient that Google’s keyword tool that may miss some profitable keywords and search phrases. Users can create own databases of keywords, work with long tail search terms and analyze keywords of competitors. Wordtracker offers a few other SEO services – link builder and strategizer.

Micro niche finder

This tool gains an incredible popularity among webmasters from across the globe since it is an all inclusive application that is used to look for profitable niches, keywords and markets. Micro niche finder also digs the search engines to find related keywords and keywords ideas. One of the most important stages in choosing an online niche is analysis of competition. Micro niche finder is great at evaluating competition. Keywords with too much competition will be shown red, while low competitive keywords will appear green.

Moreover, MNF can also look for affiliate programs and clickbank products, so users can start earning money right away. This software is extremely user friendly. It uses traffic light principle, i.e. marks highly competitive keywords with red. Why waste time and money to compete in niches stuffed with thousands of sites if it is better to succeed in niches with low or almost no competition? Micro Niche Finder will also generate keyword, offer hot keyword trends, export keyword lists to various formats etc.

Keyword Scout

This is another great keyword research tool with a number of obvious advantages. The application works at a great speed. It is possible to analyze niches and competition levels. Also, Keyword Scout can analyze Amazon products, i.e. it is possible to fish out profitable keywords of popular product. For instance, you may start a blog on various popular Amazon products and participate in Amazon affiliate program to earn commission. As known, 100% keyword match in the domain name is important. Keyword Scout can analyze availability of free domains as well. Keyword analysis with Keyword Stout is really easy. Just enter the keyword and get ‘top 10’ list of competitors.

Ultimate Niche Finder

If you need the best keyword analysis tool, Ultimate Niche Finder is what you should get. Lots of helpful features and excellent performance is what users should expect. It is possible to generate an unlimited number of keywords just from one keyword or search phrase. Bilk keyword research is also possible, as well as exporting list of keywords into a txt file.

The software will analyze top 3 sites for given keywords and also rank competition levels. Exact keyword domain finder is another helpful feature for webmasters. The tool has excellent review for webmasters who claim it’s really fast. Researching 20,000 keywords in 10 minutes is quite real!

Use of specialized tools is highly recommended for both seasoned and inexperienced webmasters. Instead of googling each keyword and looking for available domains, let the software do the trick. It will not only save your money, but also help you earn money by getting better search engine rankings.

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