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For those who love everything about text, here are five top smartphone applications sure to tickle your font fancy.



TypeDrawing allows iOS users to turn letters into amazing typographical works of art, just by using a finger. Simply input a sentence into the app, and then use the words as a medium to create a one of a kind visual masterpiece. Type in some text, then as you swipe your finger across the screen the words will appear, in the shape of whatever you draw. For example you could choose the word ‘smile’, then draw a smiley face and the outline will be created using the letters in the word.

It’s simple to use and the results are pretty cool, so even people with zero artistic skill can make little works of art. TypeDrawing allows you to create unique watermarks on your designs too, so they’re safe from plagiarists if you post them online.



Fontroid makes creating your own fonts on an Android handset a breeze, whether you want to try your hand at elegant calligraphy, or create a crazy graphic typeface made of symbols. All you have to do is create a symbol for each letter of the alphabet (choose from Japanese or English), then upload your completed font, and share it with everyone on The top fonts chosen by the Fontroid guys are available for download via the website, so if your font is any good it could actually end up being used by designers all over the world.


If you’re after a specific smartphone font but don’t know what name it goes by, iPhont lets you pursue all the typefaces that are available on iOS devices. Users can check out the many different fonts Apple includes in its and change the size and color to find the one that best suits the purpose it’s needed it for. You’re also given the option to publish any compositions created and then share them across Facebook, Twitter and MySpace from within the app, or email them to friends. Web designers can also create HTML, CSS and native Objective-C code for use within apps and on the web.

The Font Game

The Font Game for iOS makes fonts fun, testing typography geeks on their knowledge of the many different characters. There are over 1000 font samples to identify, so this game is most definitely for the hardcore font fans. The aim of The Font Game is to guess 30 different text samples correctly in the fastest time possible. There are three levels to choose from ranging from Somewhat Difficult, to Rather Difficult, and Exceedingly Difficult. The Font Game also has a hall of fame, so you can challenge your pals to beat your top score, and you can share results on Twitter too.



Lovers of typography can download Fontly on their Android smartphone, and explore the world of vintage typography. The app allows users to capture and map pictures of cool typography they discover from across the globe. If you’re the kind of person who always snaps a sign with a cool typeface when out and about, Fontly allows you to share it with like-minded individuals in its online community.

Just take a picture of said sign, title and tag the picture, and the image will be geo-tagged and added to Fontly’s feed and website. Head over to Fontly’s desktop site to see the community’s collected typography findings on Fontly’s own interactive map, where all the geo-tagged pictures are displayed.                                                                        

So whether you need a helping hand in finding the right typeface for your new website, or you just want a bit of fun with fonts, there’s a typography app out there for everyone.

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