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When looking for a mouse you aren’t looking for the “best” one, you are looking for the one that suits your needs and suits your lifestyle.

Whether it’s extra buttons, more accuracy, more consistent connectivity, portability, ergonomics, or a balance of all of them, you choose the features that you need. By focusing more on some aspects and less on others, each of these mice are suited for different people and for different purposes.

Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX

Logitech Wireless Mouse MX

A great all round mouse suited for a variety of uses, the Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX is filled with features while being convenient and easy to use. Its sculpted shape is comfortable to use, allowing you to work, or play, for long hours without straining your wrist. When running low on battery, the mouse can be plugged in via USB to charge, even while in use.

This mouse is also well-suited for those who need to travel a lot – the Darkfield Laser Tracking system doesn’t need a mouse pad and can work on a myriad of surfaces, even on glass. The wireless receiver is a tiny piece that can be plugged into your notebook and then forgotten about; it even supports up to 6 other Logitech wireless devices.

Additionally, the mouse has 4 programmable thumb buttons, especially useful for gamers, and a hyper fast scrolling feature – for going through long documents and pages. A jack-of-all-trades, it’s perfect if you need one mouse for all your needs – with features for gaming as well as for working, portability and versatility for travelers and an ergonomic shape for health and comfort.

Buy $71.99

Mad Catz R.A.T.9 Gaming Mouse

Mad Catz Gaming Mouse

This mouse has so many options and adjustments, it can give you complete control and you’ll still have a mouse that feels like it isn’t even there – the ultimate gaming mouse. To start with, it’s incredibly accurate with twin eye laser sensors giving 6400 dpi. The sensitivity is completely customizable with the ability to switch your dpi on the fly as well.

The precision aim button slows your cursor movement when you need it – great for accuracy in first person shooters. With this the mouse also has 6 other programmable buttons and a thumb scroll, as well as the ability to store 3 different configurations you can change at any time.  Everything about this mouse can be customized to suit your style – the thumb panel can be moved forward or back and angled in or out, 6 gram weights can be added in the frame is too light, the palm rest can be moved in and out, and is interchangeable if you need better grip or more support. It includes interchangeable pinkie grips as well.

The wireless receiver has a 1ms response time, and doubles as a recharge dock. The mouse comes with 2 lithium ion batteries so one can be put to charge while the other is in use.  Packed with features and fully customizable, the Mad Catz R.A.T Gaming mouse will fit any hand, and whether you use the palm-hold or claw-hold you can adjust this mouse to suit it.

Buy $133.99

Logitech Anywhere MX

Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX

The Logitech Anywhere MX might not have as many features as the R.A.T.9, and might not be as ergonomic as its Performance MX counterpart, but that’s because it offers more portability than either of them. Rather than having a heavily sculpted shape, the Anywhere MX is toned down to make it compact yet still keeping a good level of comfort. The unifying receiver that comes with it is so small it can be plugged into your laptop indefinitely, so your mouse is ready to use whenever you need it.

Additionally, the receiver can also support up to 6 other Logitech devices. The sensor doesn’t require a mouse pad and can accommodates a wide variety of surfaces, including glass – so you are not limited to where you can work. It also has a hyper fast scrolling option and 2 thumb buttons for moving backwards or forwards, for example in web browsers, or photo albums etc. It’s the perfect mouse for those who don’t work in only one place, and it comes with a travel pouch as well – ideally suited to the traveler.

Buy $39.99

Razer Mamba

Razer Mamba

With its sleek shape and futuristic lights, the Razer Mamba certainly looks cool, but there’s a lot more than just appearance with this mouse. It features both wired and wireless options, performing well in both modes. It can be plugged in via USB while in-use, or can be charged on the receiver which is also the charging dock.

The 4G dual sensor system boasts 6400 dpi for more accuracy and also allows an adjustable cut-off to lift-off distance. It is suited especially for gaming, with 4 programmable buttons – 2 for the thumb and 2 alongside the left button, accurate but fast scrolling, a comfortable shape for long play hours, and hyper-response buttons with increased sensitivity.

Buy $119.99

HippusHandShoe Mouse

HippusHandShoe Mouse

Of all the mice out there, this is the one that’s most comfortable. If you have arm injuries, need to work long hours or simply don’t want to get carpal tunnel syndrome, this is a mouse worth considering. With thorough medical research, this mouse is designed to support your hand with no strain. The buttons are strategically located so that they can be pressed easily but still won’t get pressed accidentally when you’re simply resting your hand.

By elevating the wrist, it also stops your arm from rubbing against the worktop constantly, and it keeps your fingers and thumb in a nice, relaxed position. Three sizes are available for different hand sizes, so it’s a great choice for anyone who needs an ergonomic and comfortable mouse.

Buy $109

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