There has never been a better time to invest in a desktop computer than right now. What I mean by this is that there are tons of great all in one PCs on the market today. I know everybody is going mobile with tablets and smartphones, however having a powerful desktop to accomplish resource thirsty tasks is a real treat.

There is no question that most all-in-one desktops are aimed towards the premium market. Obviously if you only use your computer to check your Facebook or Twitter, then spending money on an all-in-one would be silly. Since desktop sales are going down, manufacturers are not cutting corners. When you buy an all-in-one you’re getting quality sound, high resolution display, high-end processor, asthetically pleasing design, high storage, and tons of RAM.

What I love most about all-in-one’s is that they provide everything I need in one package. The monitor is conveniently fused with the PC hardware. You usually get a wireless mouse and keyboard. You can use your monitor as a TV (I know you can’t do this with every single model). Some all-in-ones even allow you to hook up your Xbox or PlayStation. Essentially it’s a huge multimedia powerhouse.

Today we’ll take a look at some of the best all-in-one desktops your hard earned money can buy.

Best High End All-In-Ones

1. Dell XPS 27


First off, let me start by saying that this bad boy has one terabyte of storage in the basic package, and up to two terabytes plus a 32 gigabyte solid state drive for the premium one. Can you say MOVIES?! Not to mention, you’re looking at eight gigabytes of memory, ensuring that you’re not going to slow when running multiple programs at once. If you’re a gamer, rest assured that you will get a powerful video graphics card, and if 1GB doesn’t satisfy you, you can always upgrade. This dell also has a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution which matches the iMac 27″. It also has a touchscreen.

Buy $1,599.00 – $2,399.99

2. iMac 27”


If you’re a Macbook user, but you’re looking for a desktop, I would highly suggest sticking with Apple, they have great products, and in recent years, their prices have really dropped. This machine is super-thin, perfect for almost any space you want to put it in. The 27 inch display allows you to enjoy your pictures, movies, TV, and video games. Not to mention, your hard drive can be anywhere from 1TB to 3TB, giving you all the space that you could ever need in such a slim piece of technology. The iMac’s performance is incredible as well. If you’re buying from Apple, then you can always throw in more random access memory, a better processor, video memory, and much more.

Pro tip: I know you might think Apple products are expensive, however you should keep in mind that they hold a very strong resale value. So if you’re planning to upgrade in a few years. Just take good care of the iMac and you will get at least $600 – $1000 bucks for it. Many people don’t realize this, however in theory you’re simply renting a desktop for 3 or 4 years for only $400-900.

Buy $1,499.00 – $1,877.83

3. HP Z1 Workstation


I love what John P. from Geek Beat TV said: “If God needed a computer, this is the one he would build.” That should basically give you an idea of how powerful the Z1 is. This computer is obviously for professionals who are planning to take full advantage of its potential. The Z1 can be configured to your liking.

It can  go up to 32 gigs of RAM, has a five year warranty from HP, a fantastic 27 inch 2560 x 1440 LED IPS display, integrated 1080p, 2.0MP webcam, 4 Video choices from a base integrated video card up to the NVIDIA Quadro K4000M, touch screen, high quality speakers, DVD or Blu-ray writer, and much more. This computer is designed to be flawless. You can easily open the computer and service it whenever you please. I think it’s the most powerful all-in-one on the market right now.

Buy $2,549.99 

Best Budget All-In-Ones

4. Samsung Series 7 DP700A7D-S03US


Despite the long name, there are a few reasons that this desktop made its way onto this list. First off, the price — this desktop is significantly less expensive than most of the competition, making it a much more desirable machine without having to sacrifice quality. It has a 1TB hard drive (which is more than the average computer user needs), a Core i7 processor, and 8GB of RAM (you’re not going to be experiencing any slowdown on most activities that you’ll do throughout the day on this computer). It’s really a great machine, very basic, but it has everything you would want. My only problem is that it has a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Buy $1,279.99

5. Vizio 27


Vizio has been in the entertainment industry since 2002, and they always create high quality products for a reasonable price. This computer is based on some of the most innovative technologies to ensure that anyone using it will have a very easy time, and truly enjoy the experience.

It comes fully loaded with Windows 8, which brings a whole suite of technology along with it, offering some of the best software you’ll find. As most desktops today, it comes with a 1TB hard drive, 1.3 MP HD camera, high quality microphone, third gen dual core processor, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 4gb of RAM, and a 1920 x 1080 resolution display.

Buy $981.49 – $2,965.00

6. Sony VAIO Tap


This computer is essentially a huge touch screen tablet. First, I love Sony products; I believe they do a great job of delivering quality and giving awesome support if something does go wrong. This particular machine is a great all in one for someone who doesn’t need a lot of space, and is on a budget. This model comes in various configurations, so you can select one that will fit your needs. It keeps up with the competitors mentioned above.

Buy $819.99 – $1,299.95


Depending on your budget and your needs, the all-in-ones mentioned above are your top choices. Keep in mind that every single model mentioned above can be upgraded. If you don’t know too much about the ins and outs of a computer, you should buy something powerful so it won’t become obsolete in one or three years from now. I hope this article has helped you. Good luck!

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