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We all find cool stuff online that we want to save for later – but we never remember it and most bookmarking systems on browsers become messy and cluttered very quickly. This is where bookmarking tools shine; they allow you to keep track of anything you find online, organize it and store it for you, being ready to access anytime and from any device with internet access.

With the mountains of information and content online, it has become a lot more difficult to pick through and find what you’re interested in. Search engines only go so far; they are confined to keywords which are good for specific searches, but not so good when finding varied topics under an interest or niche. Some bookmarking sites not only allow you to keep track of any interesting things you find online, but they also to share your interests with others and see what they have bookmarked as well. By tagging and annotating your bookmarks, they become organized and categorized with other users’ bookmarks, in a process called folksonomy.

For designers, bookmarking is extremely useful, especially when looking for content fitting one niche, industry or type of design. It allows you to connect with other designers, find and store tutorials, interesting examples, useful resources, tips and tricks, and so much more. Whether you’re on your phone or on a computer and you see an article, a tutorial, a photoset or simply a cool site that you want to refer to later, bookmarking tools are real handy.

You can keep any interesting resources you find online for later use, and you can organize them depending on style, project, or whatever classification is best, and share them with your friends and find other bookmarks similar to yours.


Dragdis is a sleek tool that works via a sidebar added to your browser that you can drag anything onto. Create categories and drag whatever strikes your fancy on to them to save for later reference. Sharing also works the same way – you drag content onto the link in the sidebar to upload it to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.


With the Icebergs web plug-in, you can save all your pictures, video and websites, as well as make notes. Group your content and highlight things that you want to stand out. Perfect for group projects, Icebergs allows you to gather different users to collaborate and discuss different items.


This app is great for saving interesting content so you can read it from any device. Working with iOS, Android, Kobo or on your computer’s web browser, it is also integrated with over 500 apps, and you can post your bookmarks on social media. A unique feature is the email sharing option where it can sends links to a mailing list.


Use Kippt to collect resources, ideas and inspiration for projects. You can keep your links private, make them public, or share them with collaborators. Content like articles, images, videos, notes and links can be discussed, highlighted and organized and tracked.


A group of programs that help you to archive and annotate anything you need, Evernote has a lot of different features and options. Apart from linking websites, you can handwrite notes, make voice memos, format text or even upload images.


Bundlr, as the name suggests, can create bundles of stuff you find. Your bundles can be private, but public bundles can have followers and you can follow other users’ bundles. Useful for finding cool stuff from people with similar interests, it is great for designers looking for new ideas. It can be synced with Dropbox so you can share items you have on that platform.


One of the oldest bookmarking tools, Delicious is the giant in social bookmarking – tagging and sharing your bookmarks with people who have similar interests. Not just for classifying and organizing your bookmarks, you can also find other interesting bookmarks as well. Its system allows you to evaluate the quality of links by seeing how many times it has been bookmarked and by the annotations and comments.

saved is a very unique and very simple bookmarking tool. You just type “” in front of the URL of any page you want, and it is saves to their cloud for you to access whenever you need it. You can organize your bookmarks by creating lists or by typing them in. It works without any extensions and plug-ins, and it works in any browser.


Inboardapp is specialized for screenshots and pictures; which is useful if you want design-examples of websites and programs, but don’t need any other of the features that other bookmarking tools have. It reduces the clutter and gives you just what you need.


Ember is a Mac-specific program that hosts a lot of great features. Apart from saving websites, you can take and edit photos and screenshots, analyze colors, annotate your items, share stuff online with Twitter and Facebook, follow subscriptions, and draw freehand. Being a powerful tool for research, you can use it to organize ideas for a project, give and get feedback on a project, or just to save to bookmark cool things online.

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