The Lead Generation is the crux of the sales. The qualified leads serve as the validation of any organization’s marketing efforts. But the lead generation process and bring in sales isn’t the piece of cake or is easy as it sounds. Finding the qualified prospects and leads is a time consuming and tedious process.

Realizing various other productive activities the marketing teams needs to play, the organizations opt to but the databases to speed up the process but this will instead turn in to burden, as the pre-built databases are usually filled with the recycled information of contact details or invalid information and thus will have to put in efforts to clean up the databases instead of focusing on the primary role of converting leads.

To solve this issue and help the organizations out to fasten up the process without any hassle the internet host many lead generation tools and services. The basic functionality of these tools is to boost the lead generation thereafter increasing sales and drive revenues.

So, to help you choose out the best lead generation tools for your marketing team we have compiled a list of top 5 lead generation tools that can be used to increase sales.


1. organise the mess of sales automation with a simple and elegant sales prospecting tool. Discover the best sales tool for cold emailing and drip campaigns.

The is the lead generation software designed for the modern sales teams. The software is designed realizing the modern needs and marketing goals of various organizations.

The tool helps in finding the prospects on various professional networks and in finding the information of the prospects such as email addresses and phone numbers in bulk. This lead generation tool comes with the functionalities such as tracking, reporting, analyzing, syncing and many more minimizing the efforts required to convert the sales.

It also features Google Chrome Extensions, CSV import and REST API to easily perform the email verifying tasks. The tool helps in the growth of the business and doing sales in a complete modern and advanced way.


2. HubSpot

Inbound Marketing, Sales, and Service Software

The HubSpot is one among the most acclaimed lead generation software because of its ability to track the behavior comprehensively. This tool is an integrated system with the solutions for all the generation efforts and allows automated lead along with the lead generation helping in nurturing the results and minimal effort required for the results.

This lead generation tool is equipped with a built-in CRM that allows to see the activities of the leads and their interaction points. The users can also set up alerts to alert the lead owner of the critical activities and also the users get a call-to-action button in the blog that takes the visitors to a landing page. The tool ensues in data on the CTA that shows the CTR as well as how many impressions you have had.


3. LeadBoxer

Turn Your Audience into Qualified Leads

The Lead generation tool helps in receiving and verifying the emails of the leads. The tool enriches, scores and segments lead and customer based on the behavioral patterns. To ensure complete safety and secure prospecting process this lead generation tool is GDPR compliant.

The app also notifies and updates every time a potential customer engages perform any activity on the website or reads email. It also identifies contact information of the prospects.


4. Marketo

Marketo's powerful marketing automation software helps marketers master the art & science of digital marketing to engage customers and prospects.

It is an enterprise software improves effectiveness of sales, acquiring more customers, and in overall revenue growth. The tool helps in generation of leads by attracting more buyers, and deliver qualified leads to the sales. The tools helps to reach the buyers, develop the relationship before the visitors form the opinions about the company.

The Marketo will help you attract the top-of-funnel traffic through the outbound and inbound programs and by converting leads with progressive forms and landing pages. It assists the users in improving the lead’s quality.

The tool comes with relevant and unique personalized nurturing campaigns with the most robust scoring capabilities. The tool enables identifying and delivering more leads, which close faster. The tool offers Basic, Pro, Elite and Enterprise Plan that suits the particular organization’s needs.


5. AeroLeads

Business Emails, Phone Numbers, B2B Data & Lead Generation Software

This lead generation software is powerful SMB software, which works as a lead generation tool, and web-based prospect. The tool helps in finding the qualified contact details of the people and companies from around the globe best satisfying the requirements.

The software offers both lead generation tool and also the lead generation services. The tool will help you find the prospects and leads that are based on the requirements through Google Chrome Plugin.

Just three steps and the user will be able to search and add the phone numbers and email IDs of the prospects. The leads the will be added to the lead management page from where you can sort, edit and filter them with ease.

On the other hand, the Lead Generation service provided by the AeroLeads will deliver contact details of the leads and prospects within 2 business days are per the requirement. The tool integrates with MailChimp, HubSpot, SalesForce, Zapier, PipeDrive, and Insightly.

Not just the contact details but also the details like first name, last name, company name, job title, phone number, LinkedIn profile URL and many more details will be provided. You also get a free trial to use this tool and alter you can upgrade to Climb, take off, cruise or Enterprise plans.


Final Thought

Including the above-listed lead generation tools, you may find many other top or best-tagged lead generation tools and services in the market. So, generally, these tools use the advanced software and provide the user with the insights hence simplifying the lead generation process and minimizing the efforts required for the process.

Briefing on why should one use the lead generation tool, it can be said that by opting for the advanced lead generation tools, a company can concentrate the efforts required to convert the leads and boost sales instead of being stuck in the beginning stage of finding the customers and seeking the way out to boost sales and drive in revenue.

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