As Sally Fields once said as she was accepting her Oscar, “I can’t deny the fact…that you like me…right now! You LIKE me!!” How great was that? You can’t even fault her for gushing, right?

Okay, so you may not want to go the tux, gown, and statue route, but you do want to share your energy and passion for your work. That’s the goal when you’re trying to spread the word about your creativity and skills through building your Facebook presence. Connecting with your audience is the primary objective; once that happens, your reputation will spread like wildfire. Let them see your pride and passion, and get them to react to it.

Your reading audience must take action, and there are some excellent techniques with which you can experiment. See which ones elicit the most action from your readers:

What’s next after you get them to “Like” you?

facebook techniques

The goal is to spark some energy and action, and those who are into web designing, blogging, and other artistic modes are usually excellent “do-ers.” Get your readers to reply in kind.

Ask a Question: It can be about your blog post, or you can lure them in with something seemingly unconnected to your blog post.

  • What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year?
  • Who won the big game yesterday?
  • I need ideas for a title for this – help me out!
  • How many Oscars has George Clooney won?
  • My mother-in-law is coming for dinner…what should I NOT wear?

If you establish your Facebook presence with something that’s a little fun and thought-provoking, you’ll build your following even more quickly.

Encourage Participation: Getting your viewers to click the “Like” button is a great start. But you need more than that. Come up with a contest and provide the winner with a silly new title or even a tangible treat to be sent in the mail. You’ll be amazed at what people will do for a little reward. Fido has nothin’ on them. And he only had to learn how to roll over once or twice to get his treats.

Seriously though, consider a Fun Friday competition, guessing game, trivia question, etc. People need their Facebook breaks, and you’ll connect better with them if they know there is a tiny little something to look forward to.

Be Like Sally: Brag a little! Share your accomplishments, awards, milestones, and success. Is there anything better than seeing someone’s pride coming through their words and facial expressions? This type of post will surely elicit some fantastic affirmations for you to keep doing the creative work that you’re doing. And if your audience played a part in your success? Thank them!

Inspire: Those guys who came up with the “Life is Good” clothing line? Who doesn’t love them? It is the simplest, best line – and it is a truism. Yeah, there is a lot of bad out there, but if the glass is half full, and you inspire people to think more positively, more intelligently, more engagingly? That’s good stuff right there, and they’ll let you know it by reacting to it.  

Everyone loves a Facebook pick-me-up. Give them one! Share an inspiring story, photo, mantra that they can easily “share” – and of course, every time they do, you’re putting your name in other people’s feeds.

Sometimes you just want to say, “He rocks!” So say it!

Get Real: Show a little vulnerability, and watch the connections grow. This isn’t manipulative; it is engaging for your readers to know a little bit more about you than they know about the average professional Facebook poster. Engage, share, and get a dialogue going.

ASK: You’ll be shocked at how many people will share the information about your Facebook page, if you only will ask them to do so. Once that relationship is established, you can have dozens, hundreds, and thousands of friendly marketers who will be in your corner. Don’t stop with the “Like us on Facebook” approach. Get more personal, and they’ll spread the word to their entourage.

Hyperlink: Did you click on the link above? Did you actually smirk or smile when you saw the younger version of Sally Field? See? You acted. You responded. And maybe you even smiled. That’s what you want your reader to do, too. This can be a lot of fun to make your readers pause and just take a little break.

Hey, remember Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin? Or Will Ferrell as George W. teaming up with her to make us howl with laughter on SNL? Enjoy!

And have fun experimenting with various techniques to get your readers to respond to your great ideas, too!

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