A traveler comes across many places in their lifetime and from those places can begin to become inspired or simply pick up where they have left off, gaining new experiences and broadening can lead to extraordinary and unexpected inspirational discoveries. A camera or a device that can capture these places sets them forever permanent in thoughts and lets us experience them all over again.

Our place of birth is sometimes not enough to gain inspiration from or in some cases it may be but we feel that there is always something more out there, unexplored and vast spaces and places that we have yet to feel and create something from.  These places exist for a reason and they are open to us, transportation to and from these places is possible. Certain countries serve a purpose of simply inspiring us especially if its our virgin voyage to it. I always believed that travel broadens and widens the mind and for inspiration it can serve as an unlimited source.

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The discovery of a rainforest, a jungle, a motorway and a city can serve as inspiration to attach to our chosen pieces of art and the easy part is we can recollect from them, we were there, we experienced the sounds, smell and feel of the specific space and that in itself counts for something, taking a picture of it to draw inspiration from is the easiest source and from that picture something much more emerges from it we are found there yet again drawing from it and becoming emotionally attached but we are sitting right at home all we have in front of us a memento from that place but sometimes that memento serves a purpose for that place to exist in our mind.

The traveller chooses their route and discovers the most incredible of places to draw their inspiration, travellers can include ourselves but most importantly artists, musicians  and painters where in most cases have discovered that their muses exist in nature and outdoors, some have even travelled to remote places to discover something more meaningful to serve as a vital source of inspiration and when they discovered it they knew in themselves that they have stumbled a plethora of unlimited and astonishing beauty from then on creating their chosen pieces of art was comfortable.

Image Credit: Depositphotos.com

Why though go to these places simply to draw inspiration, one can also go and take their inspiration with them, and feel it even more, there is nothing greater than taking something created to their place of birth, the place where it was made and in which the surroundings created its purpose. Travel Europe, Africa or any chosen continent these places serve a vastly important purpose to the first time traveller to them it can unlock something in their subconscious which they have only experienced in their dreams but being there and feeling it is a whole new and principal encounter.

So when you travel and you make the time to visit these chosen places that exist out there take in their beauty, encompass yourself in their whereabouts and if you have a camera or a notepad with you express it and take it with you so its memory can forever stay within you wherever you may go. A traveller’s inspiration will forever become immortalised because it is inspiration from another place and that in itself is hugely important to where it will stay within the traveller, take it with you wherever you go, the memory , the place, the inspiration, the subconscious becomes the conscious and its place eternal.

“We don’t always need a map, the inspiration is our direction and our heart the compass..”

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George Stavrinou is a filmmaker/photographer/avid music lover from England.

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