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A lot of people think to draw you have to be blessed with a divinely orchestrated talent. It helps, but this is not true! Creating art, especially learning how to draw people, is a learned skill! You just have to have the correct instructors who will help you train your eye and develop art based skills. This is where I can help!

I am a self-taught artist with a passion for the pedagogy side of art. When I was young, I often searched the Internet looking for drawing tutorials and lessons to help me develop fundamental drawing techniques. Most of the time, I looked for tutorials that taught me how to draw people. I loved portraiture and felt if I could get a likeness of a human subject in my drawings, I would be able to replicate anything! Portraiture is considered to be the ultimate test of your drawing skills because it incorporates all that one learns about light, perspective, shading, proportion and anatomy.

If I could draw portraits, I could draw anything! Unfortunately, I did not find many tutorials on the web and often was frustrated and left alone to figure out my own techniques. During that time, I was only a teenager and could not afford to pay $300 for a 4 hour crash course in drawing. Moreover, I was not old enough to even work. I also did not want to put that financial strain on my parents.

So, my only alternative was to teach myself to draw. That is exactly what I did! As, I got older, now 25, I wanted to create a place where everyone could learn How To Draw for free. I wanted everyone to have a place where they can find clear drawing instruction. This is why i created

The site provides articles, inspiration, resources and tutorials for artist to learn how to draw on a professional level. Below are a few step-by-step tutorials that will teach you How To Draw People from the site. Enjoy!

– Portrait Tutorials – 

How To Draw People: Colored Pencil Portrait


How To Draw People: Sam Rivers

How To Draw People: Portrait in Colored Pencil

How To Draw People: Jim Woodhead

– Feature Tutorials –

How To Draw Lips

How To Draw An Eye: Digital Tutorial

How To Draw An Ear

– Hair Tutorials – 

How To Draw Hair

How To Draw Hair: Dark Hair

How To Draw Hair: Light Hair

– Anatomy of the Human Figure –

How to draw people: Male and Foreshortening

How To Draw People: Female Body and High Contrast

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