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You don’t need to be a PR expert neither do you require a degree in public relations for you to run a successful public relations campaign. At least one thing that you have going for you, which is the case for all small business owners, is the opportunity that you have to connect with all of your clients on a more personal level than bigger companies can. That is even if they ever can in the first place. Now here are some tips to help you with a successful public relations campaign below:

Discover more about them

Yes, you need to discover as much as you possibly can about your clients or customers. For instance, know how they make use of your service or product. Also, get to know things like the online sites they like visiting plus how your service or product(s) adds value to their lives. Alright the value of such information is that it will assist you in identifying where to direct your marketing efforts as well as where to improve your offerings. There are at least two ways through which you can get such information, this includes:

  • Asking them to complete a survey with a gift or discount service offered as an incentive
  • Getting feedback from your clients through product reviews and testimonials

Community involvement

The most powerful asset that you can possess is your community. That is the community in which you work. They can be your support backbone as well as provide your business with potential opportunities. So how does your business get involved with its community? Here are two ways:

  • Through sponsoring an event such as the local league or an event for the kids
  • Through creating a scholarship fund or award for a well-deserving student going to college

Inform the media


You can achieve this in several ways. Now one idea here is to write great press releases about your small business with this being used as a tool for marketing to your customers as well as via the media.  Another great idea is to make your presence felt in the blogosphere community. You can achieve this by submitting guest posts on blogs relating to your industry with a very great following.

Also, here are some different ways to carry out your PR:

Press coverage

Now press coverage usually refers to a piece of story that is about your business. This may be published in a magazine or a newspaper. It is also possible for this to be covered on TV or on the radio.  The way to go about this is to identify interesting stories about your business, and this has to be something that the public will love to hear or know about. Examples of such stories may include:

  • An interesting story about how your business started
  • A wonderful description of the unique service or product(s) that is offered by your business, etc.

Special events

These are one-off undertakings such as contests, competitions, sales as well as open days. In particular, competitions provide a wonderful platform for converting contestants into a company’s future clients. The idea behind special events is to raise a company’s profile. The benefit regarding special events is that it usually attracts the media, with successful events equally drawing the interest of existing and potential clients.


Incentives refer to the rewards that are actually offered to lucrative or outstandingly loyal clients. For instance, cafes will sometimes offer their regular clients club memberships, who then get discounts plus some other special privileges. The important benefit regarding incentives is that it helps retain your customers.

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