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Most webmasters see Google Image Search simply as a place where their pictures can get poached. They curse at it whenever they see a poxy new rival using an image that they themselves crafted by hand. Although this attitude may be partly justified it doesn’t escape the fact that Google Image Search can offer a webmaster more than just the chance to get mugged. It’s taken a few years of gradual updates but now Image search finally does boast some serious SEO potential.

The simple fact that all Image searchers are now forced onto the website of the image they click on, is enough alone to justify its new found SEO worth. Obviously it’s SEO potential isn’t universal – that is to say that not all websites will be able to benefit by hosting well ranked images, so before I delve into how you can get your websites images to rank well I’ll first make sure whether my advice will be worth your time at all.

Is your website eligible for Google Image Search manipulation?

It goes without saying that photographers and their artist counterparts will benefit from ranking well in the Image SERP’s. It’s an incredible way for them show off their work and projects whilst also drawing a searchers attention to their name and their website. But they can offer SEO potential to a much wider demographic than just artists and photographers; any website that uses e-commerce with an online shop can benefit greatly from Google Image optimisation.

If you host an image with every product you sell then you could be missing out on thousands of curious consumers checking out the aesthetics of products in your industry. If you don’t believe me just follow my advice below for one of your pictures – I’m pretty sure you’ll notice a nice increase in traffic to the page of your image.

Simple ways to rank well in the Image SERP’s

Create an image gallery

A great way to let Google know about your images is to create a gallery/page which is dedicated to the display and descriptions of all your website’s pictures. Give every image a brief description using relevant keywords and you’ll find that your pictures start creeping up the Image SERP’s.

Rename the image appropriately

Never upload an image with its alpha-numerical name. Doing so will tell Google that your image is about a series of random numbers and thus not give it a chance in the SERP’s. The file name is not technically what is important here – it’s the domain name created when you upload the image to your site that matters. Renaming your image to an appropriate and relevant name is the easiest way to ensure that your images domain is created naturally effective.

Make sure the images title tag is working and relevant

Whenever you put your cursor over an image and are presented with a word or phrase you are reading the pictures title tag. There is a debate as to whether they actually have any SEO influence but you should be sure to create them anyway. If nothing else your websites visitors may find them useful especially if you are displaying a rather strange or ambiguous product.

Dealing with image theft…

If this post has been worth anything at all those webmasters that follow it should soon realise that their images have grown vulnerable to theft. Half the people using Image search are doing so because they are looking to poach someone else’s image for their own end. Now although our SEO efforts weren’t intended for these people you can still take advantage of their interest of your images. Watermark your pictures with your domain name, company logo or contact details and they’ll either restrain from stealing your image or offer you some free publicity as a consequence of their crime. Perfect!

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