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In Wai Lana’s new music video, Colors, she compares the color of our skin to the color of our clothes. The basis of this analogy is the yoga teaching that we are not our physical body. Rather we are eternal spiritual beings, only temporarily in these material bodies.

From this perspective, the analogy is quite fitting and offers a different vantage point to understanding the cause and solution to racism in our society. If everyone could only see beyond skin color, just like we easily see beyond the color of a person’s clothes, wouldn’t it be a much kinder, and safer world?


It’s actually very practical. We don’t discriminate against people who wear different color clothes than us, so why should we care about the color of someone’s skin? If I’m wearing black clothes, why should I be prejudice against someone wearing white?

On the other hand if we identify ourselves according to the color of our skin, there is bound to be conflict with those we see as different. Wai Lana encourages us to not let the color of our skin keep us from loving one another. And what a timely and positive message it is. Check out Colors and share it with those you care about.


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