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Writer Maya Angelou once said, “Travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.”

There is so much truth to this statement that it can make you go back and relive every moment you have ever spent out of your comfort zone and in the depths of places you never imagined existed. Travelling is an amazing experience that it shows you how people can both be so different and so alike at the same time.

It allows you to see how other cultures live without the things that you would consider as part of your regular routine, and how they can live lives so diverse from what you have gotten used to. It helps you realize what things you have which you take for granted, and lets you appreciate the things that you have which others may not enjoy. It awes you to find how things are done differently elsewhere, and how you never thought about doing things the way they do it.

You can also get awestruck by the way people cross the barriers that these differences build between individuals. About how you can communicate with those who do not speak the same language, but end up understanding each other. How you can find something so extraordinary that you would not think about doing at home, but which you will enjoy for the time that you spend in that place. How you can become relaxed in surroundings that are obviously far from what you have at home. How you can be inspired by people you have never met before, and would probably never see again in this lifetime.

And beyond these differences, there also lie the subtle similarities — the thirst for knowledge about other places and cultures, the incessant lust for all things different, and the need to reach out to others and share thoughts, ideas and beliefs. The craving for adventure after adventure, experience after experience that you know would prove to be more valuable than anything else you have ever owned.

These emotions and more are captured in these travel blogs on Tumblr. With each written word, these blogs allow you to feel that pull towards something greater than what you would consider as ordinary.


1. Insatiable Traveler

Susan Portnoy has always had the passion for traveling, and her photography only adds to the excitement that her adventures bring as she looks for the perfect shot in every place she visits. Insatiable Traveler shows her experiences not only in ancient civilizations and authentic cultures, but in progressive cities around the world as well.

2. The Travel Network

If there’s anything worth experiencing when you travel, it’s the sharing of stories with other travelers like you. This is what The Travel Network does. Bringing together stories and photos of different kinds of travelers from across the globe, it gives you the kind of inspiration that you need to explore more of the world so that you’ll also have more to share. 

3. Out of Reception

Foster Huntington knew that there was more to how he was living in New York City, prompting him to trade everything for a life travelling around with his camper. He shares stories of his, and fellow van travelers, adventures through their photos. 

4. Backpacker’s Guide to Earth

Not everyone who suffers from depression locks themselves up in their rooms. For Logan, his depression can best be cured by finding solace in his travels. Not only does he share his experiences as he travels, he also gives fellow travelers a few handy tips that could make each trip easier as they jump from one place to another.


Chip Mooney decided that taking pictures was not enough. He decided that sharing the memories that he makes with friends as they travel would be a better way to keep the memories going as people become more inspired to visit the places they’ve been. 

6. TinyWrld

Contributors to TinyWrld have decided that videos are better in bringing every traveler’s experiences to life. With time lapses, slow motions, hyper lapses, and more, TinyWrld shows you the world from different perspectives.

7. Luxury Accommodations

Most travel blogs feature the exotic and the eccentric, but this blog gives you something a little different. A collection of pictures from the most luxurious accommodations around the world, it brings you a glimpse at the other side of travel that not every traveler can afford.

8. Exquisite Planet

Another adventurer from New York, Sophia showcases amazing images from all over the world. With just a glimpse of the vibrant colors jumping out on you from all her pictures, she proves even more that our planet truly is exquisite.

9. Condé Nast Traveler

Any Tumblr account built by a popular travel magazine is sure to have a few interesting shots from all over, especially if they use the account to post unreleased photos and other extra stuff that they just don’t have space for in their published magazines. 

10. A Bad Idea

Travel blogs usually exalt about the great things that happened during their travels, but this couple decided to go against the norm. A Bad Idea is a collection of stories about the mishaps on a couple’s backpacking adventure. With this blog, they have proven that there is always a positive in every negative event.

11. Traveling Colors

With the ingenious idea of starting The Travel Network, it would be no surprise that its creator has an amazing collection of stories to share about his travels as well. Traveling Colors stays true to its name, showing how colorful the world could be from different angles. 

12. National Geographic: FOUND

It is a known fact that National Geographic has the kind of travel collection that would leave anybody awestruck. It makes it even more exciting to know that this blog gives followers access to their archives, allowing people to start crowdsourcing some old photos.

13. Travel Channel

If you love what you see on the Travel Channel, then you’ll love their Tumblog even more. With photos from on-set and behind the scenes, it shows you a different view of what you see on TV.

14. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing brings traveling to a different level as you see the world from the eyes of a local. As you travel and move from one couch to another, it gives you the actual experience of living in these different places, and not just passing through each of them.

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