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For both study and work, it is essential to be able to write clearly and accurately. Good writing and grammar not only helps you in your life as a student but also in your work life, for example, you can be an excellent article writer and find a writing jobs as a freelancer in New York or anywhere else in the world.

Throughout your career you must write hundreds of essays and exams that will be evaluated not only for the knowledge but also for the quality of the writing. Although many times we think that writing well means using long phrases and complicated expressions, we lose sight of the fact that the reader should receive the message in the simplest way possible.

Surely you have asked yourself; how to become a freelance copywriter? Or how can I be a better writer? Well, knowing how to write any type of texts, including an essay, is an indispensable requirement. For this reason, we present 10 ways to improve your writing skills quickly and completely free:


1. Choose the topic of your essay

Essays are texts where personal opinion is present permanently. Generally, the topic of these monographs are controversial issues that give the editor the opportunity to elaborate and comfortably express his way of thinking.


2. Research the topic of the essay

research your topic

It is impossible for you to write many lines of a topic that you do not know. For that reason, after having chosen the topic of the essay, it is fundamental that you do some research and educate yourself on what are the theories and the proposals that exist. Remember that it is vital to choose reliable sources.


3. Make a draft

Before your start writing like a madman, try to organize your ideas. It is important to make a draft and write all of them in a logical order.


4. Body of the essay

You should always begin with an introduction and end with a conclusion. In the introduction, introduce the topic and in the conclusion review each of the arguments. It is important that the arguments are presented “from the most to the least shocking” in order to captivate the reader in the first paragraphs and ensure its reading until the end. You can use quotes that can facilitate the transmission of a certain idea.


5. Check the spelling and grammar

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It is essential to check the misspellings and the syntax of the words. A text with these elements is not very credible. It is also essential that you check if you have not contradicted yourself at any point since there is nothing worse than an incoherent text. To facilitate this task, you can use a free grammar checker.


6. Write as if you were talking to a friend

When we sit down to write, we often lose sight of the fact that we try to communicate with other people. Although grammar and punctuation matter, the fundamental thing is that you can express all your ideas correctly. Do not be afraid to be yourself and explain things with your words.


7. Write short paragraphs

Do not write eternal paragraphs that confuse the reader. A clear and precise paragraph should not have more than five or six lines.


8. The title is important

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No matter how much you have written the most interesting essay in the world, nobody will stop to read it unless you have a title that draws attention. Try to take some time to think about how you are going to get the reader’s attention through the headline. Use cool designs that can complement the title of your essay.


9. Start with a good introductory phrase

Once the title has grabbed the attention of the reader, you must ensure that the first sentence is good enough to maintain it. Do not overdo it and try to be original.


10. Respect the reader’s time

The time of who is going to read your essay is important. A good writer uses as few words as possible to explain his point of view. You can always say more by writing less and by valuing the reader’s time, you will see how he will appreciate your writing even more.

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