Coming straight out of Portland, crazy sculptor named Brian Mock. Ok, I’m done with the N.W.A. references… Have you ever welded before? Personally I took a welding class back in high school, and it was…interesting. The knowledge I obtained was useful and I can safely say that I know about different kinds of metals/proper welding techniques. One thing I can admit; welding in not as easy as it looks. You need to have a steady hand and move in a circular motion. I can keep going into detail but this is not a class, let’s get to the art!

I am intrigued by the challenge of creating an entirely unique piece from an eclectic collection of discarded objects. Giving these old, common items a new and extraordinary life as one sculpture is an artistically challenging yet gratifying process. This type of work is also designed to be highly interactive and prompt viewers to question the reality of what they see. Audience reactions fuel my motivation. – Brian Mock. 

Today we would like to showcase some beautifully welded sculptures. When one looks at a metal scrap yard, he/she might think it’s junk. Brian Mock on the other hand, is a welding virtuoso. He turns hundreds of discarded nuts, bolts, hinges, and forks into life-size dogs, birds, and even faithful replicas of doubleneck Gibson electric guitars. We though his work is very moving and an eye pleaser. Enjoy!

Note: All Rights Reserved by Brian Mock.

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