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No one can deny the importance of having an excellent display booth at a trade event. Whether your purpose is to attract potential customers on the spot or to simply build your brand, attracting the right attention in such a busy environment can prove to be quite the art in itself. There are some key considerations to keep in mind when putting together your display booth that can really help you to grab people’s attention and enable your booth to do the work for you in fulfilling what ever purpose it is that you have in mind.

How To Set Things Up

Regarding the actual format of your display, you should always make things as convenient as possible for your viewers. Obviously you want to get your key points across fast and easily, and should not force people to search too hard to figure out what your booth is all about. Build your display booth upwards, really take advantage of display surface area, the easier it is for your potential customers to see what you are selling, the better chances you have of actually selling it to them. Creativity is certainly welcome, but make sure that everything is organized and purposeful.

Dressing up your display is important, but it is a means to an end, and so while it may seem a bit counterintuitive to tone down design efforts, it should not be the focus of your booth building endeavor. People at trade shows are surrounded by plenty of other distractions and displays, and so you have to assume that you will only be able to hold their attention for a limited amount of time. Take the time to understand what it is that you want people to see when they notice your display. Your booth should be able to quickly convey your message and give viewers an idea of your product and what to expect.

Try to stick to themes that work well with your product idea. Let’s say for instance that your company offers customers a data recovery service that lets them secure important data that could be lost in a variety of computer related mishaps. You might then go for a very sleek design that effortlessly gives viewers the impression of technology, instantly telling them what you are about.

This is very important for making people feel interested in and connected to your display. Since you want people to be engaged in your display booth, make sure that there are things for them to engage with. This means that you do not want to go hiding all of your work where they cannot reach it. This might mean creating samples of your product. Accessibility is paramount to the success of your display. By keeping things accessible, people will feel welcome.

Practice Makes Perfect

Most companies that frequent trade shows will accumulate experience and understanding over the years. The way you really discover the perfect approach for designing your trade booths is through carefully analyzed experience. You should always take notes when at a trade show. Observe and record what kind of things draw attention to your booth, and what types of products are seeing the most success.

Experiment with different positioning and degrees of accessibility with your products, see which combinations work best. This can certainly be tricky in the beginning, but is actually quite crucial for longterm success. This process is really no different than what you would do at a physical store, or on a website. By testing different variables involved in your display, you can maximize its efficiency.

You should not be afraid to experiment a little bit, but remember to keep things reasonable, applying the above mentioned tips to ensure that your display booth is a hit, even if it’s your first time!



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