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There’s very little doubt that online marketing, including websites, have an exponentially greater reach than traditional types of advertising. A roadside billboard, for instance, may see 1,000 people a day. A blog, on the other hand, could reach hundreds of thousands in the same time if it goes viral. Though learning great digital marketing techniques is a necessity, it’s also important for a business owner or marketer to secure a great name for their domain. It might not be obvious right away, but the right domain name can do wonders.

Getting It Right From The Start

One of the best ways to make people remember a company’s domain name is to make it similar to the company’s actual name. Of course, for some companies with really long names, making their domain name match their actual name just seems a little much. This is why it’s important to have a little forethought when initially naming the company. Every business owner should know by now that they’ll need a website, so it’s important to name the company something that will fit well in a domain address.

A company’s name should incorporate keywords related to the business. In addition, as many Domain Broker professionals suggest, it’s important to be unique but not too unique. A company name like “Aurora Lighting” is unique; a company name like “Aurora Borealis House of Lighting Fixtures and More” may be a bit much.

What’s In A Name?

In the business world, a name might not be everything, but it well could be. Ralph Lifshitz, for instance, had the idea of changing his name to Ralph Lauren for business purposes, and look how that turned out. A business’s name is the very first impression that anyone will have of that company. As we all know, first impressions can be lasting.

It’s important to keep a business name short and to the point. In addition, it’s important to make the name something that brings positive images to people’s minds. This could be simply conveyed by a welcoming word. A company named “Anything Joe’s Barefoot,” for instance, would likely not bring to mind that they sell children’s personalized gifts.

All About The Branding

A domain name can do wonders in helping a company spread its brand. There’s no doubt that simply having a website will help a company, but when the domain name is reminiscent of the company’s actual name, it makes both more easily remembered. If a customer is seeing a company’s name every time they visit its website, and they’re also having to type in or have the browser suggest it to them each time before visiting, the brand name is going to stick in their head.

When considering branding, as it relates to both the business and domain name, it’s important not to pick a name that the company could outgrow. For instance, “Shrimp on 4th” may seem like a good name for a seafood place on 4th Avenue, but what happens when the business expands and opens locations on MLK Drive and Broad Street? Once again, forethought is imperative.

A company’s domain name can make a huge difference in the amount of traffic and customers they generate. This is why it’s important to plan a company’s name and domain far in advance. There are a million-and-one different things that can affect a company’s profit margins, and if one is as easy as getting the right name when registering a domain, there’s simply no reason not to do it.

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