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Academic assignments give the chills to even the most intelligent students. To work on an academic assignment, students have to pay attention to two very important aspects. One of them is the quality of written information and the other is meeting deadlines.

Both these tasks require students to put in immense hard work and invest the maximum possible dedication. A lot of students do not know the difference between rephrasing content and copying it from a source.

Copying content is not a permissible act because you cannot use information which was originally written by someone else. Plagiarism is something which students should avoid in all cases. Even if one line of your content has plagiarism, the entire paper would be rejected and the student would be awarded with a low grade. Well, it’s mandatory for you to only use quality paraphrasing tool when working on your academic assignments and projects.

Academic advisors always recommend students to use a plagiarism checking application so that all chances of submitting copied content are eliminated.


To start with, let us go through the core advantages of using one of these applications.


1. No need of manual checking

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Even if you are the smartest student of your class, you would think about editing the content of your paper before you submit it. Editing consumes time because the student has to go through each line and make the needed changes.

If your paper has a tight deadline, this would be a hard task to accomplish. Once you are done with all the chapters, you would have to go through each line, rectify each error and then submit the paper. A plagiarism checking application removes the need of manual proofreading completely. In addition to that, it is a very efficient option.

  • A plagiarism checking application produces original content in a short span of time. All you need to do is scan the content you have written with the help of one of these applications. The application would identify all the sections that have plagiarism problems. In other words, you would not have to search for copied content parts because the application would do that job for you.
  • Even if you are able to check the content manually, there is no assurance that you would be able to locate all the copied content parts. Most academic assignments are detailed and the word count is high. This obviously makes it hard for the student to check each and every line. There is always a chance that some part of the content may be skipped.


2. A technological solution with higher efficiency level

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Today, you can see that the use of software applications has increased a lot. People are using these applications for almost everything. Whether you want to check your weight or install an anti-virus application, you have a software application for almost everything

  • In case of plagiarism as well, you can use a checking application and eliminate the need of read each line manually. When you are working on detailed assignments, it becomes almost impossible to go through each line and check each copied line. For instance, if you are working on a dissertation paper that has a word count of 3000 words, checking each chapter manually would require the student to put in very long hours. This would also increase the risk of missing the deadline of the paper.
  • It is very obvious that a plagiarism checking application would produce much quicker results than manual proofreading. If you are checking every part of the paper manually, you would take your time to do so. On the other hand, if a software application is used for this purpose, you would be able to save all that time. Plagiarism checking applications are very fast. In few moments, you would get to know about the parts of your paper that have been copied. Once this is done, you would simply have to rectify the mistakes and your paper would be ready for submission.


3. Eliminate all doubts of ending up with a low score

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Students have several doubts in mind when they are submitting an academic paper? Will I get a good grade? Is the content of my paper up to the mark? Submitting copied content simply means that your paper would either be rejected or a very low score would be awarded to you.

With a plagiarism checking application, you can put all these risks to a complete end. These applications provide you with a clear picture of your paper. Even if one line has been copied, you would know about that.

  • Plagiarized content is one of the many reasons which result in a low paper score. A quality checking application helps you in getting a high score. These applications provide students with an assurance that the submitted content is 100% original. This increases the chances of getting a high score in the paper. In other words, a plagiarism checking application places the student in a relaxed and stress free position.



There is no room for error when it comes to submitting an academic paper. Advisors and research supervisors are very particular about the content originality.

Not using a plagiarism checking application is taking a big risk. This is simply because you would always be in a state of doubt that one or the other part of your paper has been copied. These applications check each and every line and highlight the copied area.

After you have rectified all these mistakes, you do not have to check any other area. You can reach the conclusion that the paper is ready for submission. For a student, it is an important area of concern that the paper is 100% original.

A plagiarism checking application provides students with several benefits including an assurance about content originality. Along with that, students are able to save their time and put it to better use. If you talk about editing the content of the paper manually, it consumes immense time. This is obviously not the case if you are using a high standard plagiarism checking application.

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