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Ever since the world has jumped on to the tech bandwagon to make a living, the

Cyberworld has become increasingly competitive. Since more entrepreneurs are using the internet to provide products and services and more consumers prefer the Internet over traditional shopping, user experience mostly drives the marketplace.

The better user experience you can afford, the more traffic you are likely to attract and consequently, the more revenues you are likely to generate. A slow website with poor content delivery systems means you can easily lose your customer to your competitor.

In the recent past, CDN has become the latest buzz word in the tech sector. This system has completely revolutionized how websites are hosted, and it provides geographically dispersed server networks so that users can be provided with a much more efficient web experience.

However, most website owners still question the need to use CDN, because of course websites can even be hosted without CDNs too. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting a CDN service for your site.

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Better Speed

One of the main decisive factor that influences an online user’s decision to use a particular website is the speed. If your site is slow and it takes minutes to load a single product image and another few minutes to process order forms, your customer will start looking for the product on another platform that provides a better and speedier service.

Majority customers prefer online services over conventional retail experience because of the convenience factor. If you frustrate them with slow website speed, it will only turn them away to someone else, and you will lose out your business. Unfortunately, under regular hosting services, websites do tend to get slow as web traffic increases. This is due to the limited capacity of the server.

Getting a CDN based hosting service improves your website’s speed exponentially. Ince, it is a network of geographically dispersed servers with a larger infrastructure, it keeps traffic load from building up on a single server, and as a result, the website remains speedy and efficient.`


Improved SEO

SEO is one of the key driving factors that makes a website successful. A website’s success is gauged regarding how it appears in search engine indexes, and this is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a major role.

Since CDNs work to optimize your website’s speed and efficiency, they automatically enable search engines such as Google to detect your website’s content, and as a result, your site is indexed at a better ranking on the search engines, thus improving its visibility.


More Reliability

The worst nightmare of any E-commerce entrepreneur would be a website crash during a peak sale season such as Thanksgiving. Imagine you are expecting one of the highest sales revenue during a holiday season and your website suddenly crashes because it is unable to take the traffic load.

CDN based hosting systems are designed such that they can handle large website traffic and therefore you have a much more reliable website that provides a much better user experience.

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