Writing essays can be a lot of fun but aside from the fun that you cannot have writing them and aside from the very true and very important fact that if you want to go to attend college, then you must learn how to write a good essay.

Why is essay writing an extremely important skill?

An essay must take a position; you have to explain it, defend it, support the argument and do it all with the minimum number of words possible. There is no room for rambling; there is no room for being unsure about what position you want to take.

Therefore, an essay makes you chose and then back it up. You do not have to believe in what you are writing the essay about, but you can write an argument that you do not personally agree with. Just like you do in debating, you must learn to explain the other side of the argument.

When should a person start writing an essay?

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Essay writing should probably start in middle school. By 7th grade a 3-paragraph essay must be given to children to write, by 8th grade, a 5-paragraph essay must be imposed on them to write. Otherwise, the development of writing skills would be certainly out of the reach of students.

The Perks of Learning Good Essay Writing

The importance of an essay is not with the words that you put on the paper. The important thing about the essay is the thought process that takes place before the essay itself is written. The logic that is required to write a strongessay, that is, it is an important life skill.

In addition to this as being a wonderful skill that a person has in their writing toolbox, and also in addition to how it helps a person to get a good score in exams, there is a simple fact that by learning how to write good essays would strengthen your critical thinking skills and your logic.

The person will start to think that how important it is just to say that this is what I believe rather than explaining it that why you believe it and what type of evidence you can provide in support of your argument to persuade someone else to believe that way too. The intelligent questions that have to be considered if someone is going to take the other side of the argument.

It is important, therefore, to start writing essays in middle schools. You can let the child chose the topic they like to write on. It will help them to apply their brains to the logic necessary to write a persuasive essay on the topic.

It works very well for the child all the way till graduation as they learn in these years the art of writing the essay. They do not have to buy essays; rather they will use their own developed skillets to make a unique one for themselves.

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