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So, you’re going to be presenting a speech in front of your colleagues; what would be the best topic for that occasion? If you think about it, nothing beats the feeling of being able to accomplish tasks with ease and poise. And it all boils down to two things: Leadership and Management.

Now, if we are to dissect the essence of Leadership and Management as a topic, we will be able to define Leadership as a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent while the management is the organization and coordination of the activities of a business in order to achieve defined objectives. Management, on the other hand, is often included as a factor of production along with‚ machines, materials, and money.

Leadership and management have always been a great speech topic because these are the two characteristics that gets things done. An institution that has a bunch of people with great leadership and management skills will almost always be much more innovative, competitive and positive than the rest.


Innovation, competition, and a positive outlook is what drives the business world. A great leader will always find ways to make the little cogs in the machine of business spin at the right direction, and with ample speed to catch up, and quite possibly leave the competition behind.

Famous individuals have been know to make great speeches about leadership and management, and the effect are clearly shown in their respective company’s credentials.

Take Apple for instance. Back in 2005, the former Apple CEO, the late Steve Jobs, has delivered a speech in front of Stanford graduates. His speech can now be considered one of the most influential, and heartfelt commencement speeches ever. His speech talked about his trials and tribulations on being a business man, and also, his existence as a human being. The leadership skills that he has used to bring Apple out of near bankruptcy, to business infamy is really astonishing. How he also managed his loses, and his life is also, something to commend.

Now, Steve Jobs’ speech may not seem much now, but think of the impact that it will have in our future. One graduate in his audience would have listened to Steve with all his heart, and applied what he has learned through Steve’s speech; that lone graduate could become the next Steve Jobs. And like Steve, his future works may also affect the way we live our lives; and also the perception we have about business.

Among all things, a speech is a powerful medium to bring to the masses something to aspire for. A speech has molded the way we accept things, and gain knowledge of what should be, and what shouldn’t be.

A Leadership and management speech will go a long way. Your 1 hour speech could very well be the best capital that you’ve brought into your company, or possibly into others. That’s why professional motivational speakers like Anthony Robbins and Clifford Stoll (in a hyper and unconventional manner) have delved into leadership and management in their speeches. And based from their speeches, you can feel that leadership and management is a general thing, and the key take-away that audiences can get is, the application is not only effective for business, but also for their personal life.

So, in conclusion, when making a speech, a good topic to consider is leadership and management. This topic has many applications, and to a receptive audience, the end results will always benefit you and your company; and during the process, also give your audience the bearing to be leaders, themselves.

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