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Local search engine optimization (SEO) has always been an effective online marketing tactic for businesses of all sizes. The question is: is it still relevant now?

Research shows that about 71% of consumers look up businesses online before dropping by their physical stores. On Google alone, 46% of all searches are made with local intent. In other words, consumers still go online to look for brands within their area. By using local SEO practices, businesses are more likely to be seen by these consumers.

Here are other facts that prove why local SEO is still important today:


1. Local SEO helps businesses reach more potential audiences

This practice lets brands get in touch with more potential consumers. Businesses can use local SEO Services to reach people who use their phones to perform these local searches, especially now that 52.2% of the world’s online traffic comes from mobile devices.


2. Local SEO gives prospects the information they need

Brands who show reviews on their website can boost their conversion rate by 270%. About 88% of consumers value these reviews as much as personal recommendations.


3. Local SEO helps businesses gain qualified leads

After searching them online, around 88% of mobile users call or visit brick-and-mortar stores on the same day. Embracing local SEO practices will lead you to customers more likely to make a purchase from your business.


4. Local SEO influences the buyer’s decision in favor of the business

Brands not only get to acquire more relevant leads through local SEO, but they’re also able to gain more conversions. Research shows that 67% of smartphone users tend to purchase from brands with websites and apps tailored to their local audience.

So, what does this mean for businesses?

Brands must implement local SEO strategies if they’ve yet to do so. If businesses want to get ahead of the competition this year, they must learn to embrace local SEO.

There are many more reasons why local SEO is so important. BCC Interactive has put together an engaging infographic, showing you 15 reasons why local SEO is more important than ever.

15 Reasons Local Search is More Important Than Ever

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