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In these tough economic times everybody is looking to scrimp and save wherever they can. Some services that we may consider to be a luxury are being done away with. SEO is no different and as important as SEO may be to your business, you may be forgiven for looking at it and wondering: ”What can I do myself?”

Perhaps, as your SEO provider has been taking you through the process in various meetings, you have taken things on board and decided that it really isn’t all that difficult. You would probably find the concept of using the right keywords pretty straight forward and suspect you can use the analytical tools to figure out what needs to be done. You may well be right. SEO isn’t rocket science and is something that can be learned anybody with two brain cells to rub together, but there’s something quite important you may not have taken into consideration yet…. Are you going to write your own copy, or will you need to use copywriting services?


Writing you own copy can be a time consuming affair. Even if you already have what needs to be written in your mind, plus you are a very fast and accurate typist and you find the words just flow you should expect a bare minimum of 20 minutes per article of about 500 words. That really is about the minimum unless you have superhuman powers and can type fast enough that your keyboard begins to melt.

Realistically though, you should allow about 45 minutes or in some cases an hour. The words you need won’t always flow to mind and you will have times where you have to think of what you need to write next. Research is often needed, especially if you are writing about something you are not familiar with and that too will add more precious time. Plus, you will need to proof your work because it is inevitable that typos and other errors will occur. So take into account approximately 45 minutes per article, multiply that by the number of articles you need and ask yourself if you can afford to dedicate that time to writing yourself? The answer you will almost certainly come to is one of the reasons why copywriting services are in demand.


When we think of creative copywriting it doesn’t necessarily refer to copywriters that are able to produce amazingly imaginative pieces that Stephen King would be proud of. Creativity can be just about being able to think of what to write about at all and that in itself can be a challenge.

Google really, really doesn’t like copied material so you will need to come up with something a bit different every time. In addition, anybody following your blog will also tire of the same material and eventually stop following your blog altogether. Let’s say you are in the business of selling air fresheners and you need articles, blogs and web copy on air fresheners to get you up the SEO rankings. For how long do you think you can continue to think of original and unique topics on your product? There’s only so much that can be written about many subjects and it is the job of a copywriter to constantly think up new angles and ideas, whereas others not used to writing may come to a complete dead end rather quickly.

If you are still not convinced you need copywriting services and think you can do it yourself then by all means give it a try. Doing so will be beneficial to the copywriting industry because you will soon learn just how valuable the services they provide really are.

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