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What really makes SEO Pros stand apart from almost every web marketer is a lesson they’ve forgotten – SEO is not just Search Engine Optimization but your content should be optimized for readers too.

It’s pretty easy to follow the suggestion from top SEO authorities and stick to the latest Google panda guidelines and creates keyword stuffed content. This content may even give you some success initially but there is a significant problem such spam sites can’t address: this terribly written content is not readable and no reader will ever think about visiting your site for a second time.

What Makes SEO Pros Different?

SEO pros are concerned about their readers and they write for them. They worry about quality content first and key events will be placed only in places where they perfectly blend in.

SEO Pros love their job and love Google above anything else. For them, working on SEO jobs is fun, engaging and a challenge they would love to pursue. This is why the real SEO pros won’t worry about each update released by Google and try to figure out what the new algorithm means for websites they own.

The real SEO pros, in the event of such updates, just stay back and relax on their seats without worrying about such search engine updates, But Why? They know Google is striving hard on helping their readers to get quality content, something that SEO pros specialize in!

People have tough time calling a spade a spade! Now think about it – junk content is something people hate to read and nobody [advertisers] wants to pay you anything for publishing such unworthy piece of text on your website. With low quality content, who tries to make money? Yes, you guessed it correct; it’s spammers – the number one enemy of search engines and readers. Putting yourself in the Spammer’s shoes is indeed the worst thing you can do.

Thinking Life SEO Pros And Writing Quality Content

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In simple words, writing a good article is like adding coffee to sugar: we all love to have sugar but what if sugar is stuffed into your coffee? It becomes too sweet and undrinkable. This is the same principle behind writing good articles. You need traffic to promote your business but you only need traffic you can sell to.

Think from the reader’s shoes and picture what the reader would like to read; then write in that angle. The next step is to think what actions you need your readers to take and each line of your article should be insisting your reader to take action immediately.

For those who have trouble in finding a direct into their articles, it’s an amazing idea to write the last sentence first so that you will know where you are heading to. Even better, writing the last sentence first reminds you the action you want your readers to take and the same can be built up in the article.

Other Tactics Used By SEO Pros

People are generally not very excited to read articles with grammar and spelling errors so take some time to review your content. If you can’t find time for this, consider hiring an editor to do the job.

People may not invest the same amount of time they invest to read a magazine article in an internet article. They will skip a lot of important points should be stressed in different parts.

Sub-headings, bolding and italics, lists, short paragraphs and boxes etc are good features to use when formatting your article.

Ensure that your content is not incomplete and the call of action is strong enough for the reader to do something.

Writing For Readers And Its Rewards

By writing for your readers, you can be certain that they will like your work and even share them. Organic links are very powerful and more convincing for readers to take action.

Nobody will be interested in a page where they reached through redirection from a bad article filled with spelling mistakes and poor sentence structure. If your article was not convincing, how can you convince that you product is of great quality?

Moreover, writing for real people is engaging, it’s a lot more fun. By writing quality information, you are helping a lot of people and the best thing is that you’re getting paid for it!

Writing gives you a wealth of information and for SEO pros who regularly write articles, there are very few things under the sun that they are not familiar with. There are not many professions where you can gain such a vast ocean of knowledge.

Writing Like A SEO Pro – Essential Action Steps

  • Picture what action you want your readers to take.
  • Write this as the last sentence of your article.
  • Insert keywords wisely. If you want, put them at the end of each article to avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Focus on writing informative content.
  • Make sure to do the necessary spelling and grammar checks before posting an article.

These steps are capable of keeping you on track. On a final note, never get attracted to spam and black hat traffic tricks. Nowadays these are obvious to most people and even worse, search engines can brutally punish you.

There are some spammers who think they can cheat search engines but nobody can cheat search engines for a long time and the inevitable result [which is definitely bad] will come one day or another.

A great way to stay motivated is writing with your real name as nobody wants their name to get associated with spam. This determination will help you to keep a track of all your work and deliver the best possible output.

These things are very easy to follow but if you keep these things in mind while creating articles, it don’t take much time for you to transform into one of the best SEO Pros in the world of Internet marketing.

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