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A lot of sales reps would say they love their job but admit it can be extremely challenging. Most of their challenges, however, can be overcome with the help of a mobile sales app. The time has come for every B2B company, no matter their size, to accept the importance the role of technology has for their business or get left behind by their competitors.

Let’s look at 4 reasons why your business must accept this change.


1. Sell anywhere, any time

To be successful at their job, sales reps need to go wherever the sale takes them. But they can’t take their office with them. Or can they? When they use a mobile sales app, they are free to sell from wherever they are with all the information they need at their fingertips.

With offline capabilities, the information is always available, even when the WIfi connection is patchy or nonexistent. In addition, 84% of millennials believe that their mobile app is essential to their work. In order to connect with them you have to be mobile to be on their radar.


2. Eliminate human error

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Humans make mistakes. When data is manually entered and re-entered, its highly likely names will be misspelled, numbers will be entered incorrectly, and inventory counts will be wrong.

With a sales app the chance for errors is hugely reduced. Sales orders enter their own orders and the data is automatically synced with your back office – no need for re-inputting – removing several steps where mistakes in data entry could have been made.


3. Speed up the order process

Your B2B buyers are changing and we live in a time of instant gratification. Millennials don’t have the patience to wait for information. They expect answers to questions immediately and orders to be executed promptly, without mistakes and on time.

A mobile sales app that automatically populates fields in order forms and invoices is going to be faster and more consistent. Order entry software helps you make sure you are providing what your customer needs without mistakes as fast as possible.


4. Increased efficiency

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In any job, being your most productive self is probably one of the toughest and most common problems a person can encounter. In B2B sales, being inefficient will have tremendous repercussions in terms of your success.

It has been proven however, that productivity and efficiency amongst sales teams increases by 34% once mobile devices and apps are introduced. By using a mobile sales app, you can combat your inefficiencies in order to meet your sales goals swiftly and easily.


5. More natural client relationships

Customers can be much more hands on when using a mobile app to make orders. They can scan through products with the sales rep by their side offering guidance, or through self-service.

They can see their orders being placed in front of them and make adjustments according to their needs with immediate results. Involving your customers in the process of choosing products and placing orders is the great way to create a n excellent working relationship.

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