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If you had been blogging for quite some time already, you should know by now that writing a detailed ‘How-to’ article can generate a lot of traffic. The reason is very simple. It is be because this type of article is already a helpful article just by reading the headline itself.

However, not everyone succeed in writing a ‘How-to’ article.

You are not alone because all the bloggers out there knew this as well. That is why writing a ‘How-to’ article is not as easy as before and most of them failed to generate traffic.

Take a look at these examples below:

                How to write an eBook

                How to get a girl

                How to find a profitable niche

One advantage over these ‘How-to’ articles is that it is already a piece of useful article just by reading the headline itself as mentioned. However, there is a disadvantage here as well.

There is no benefit stated after reading the headline and very likely, users are not going to click on your headline. You might think that your headline is already giving you a great benefit but readers will not be able to tell until you state them clearly.

How to add an impact to your How-to article

I personally used these two simple tricks when writing a ‘How-to’ article.

The first and most effective trick I personally think so far is to add the benefit at the end of the title. The format is going to look like this:

How to [action] and [benefit].

Taking back the similar examples above, here is the edited headline:

                How to write an eBook in 24 hours

                How to get a girl and make her love you forever

                How to find a profitable niche that gives you $500 a day

The second trick which I seldom use but still works is by removing the ‘to’ in the ‘How-to’ article headline. Removing the ‘to’ instantly force myself to add a benefit or impact to the headline.

These are the examples.

How writing an eBook makes yourself standout among bloggers

                How writing love letter gets you the girl you want.

                How targeting long tail keywords make your niche profitable

The main reason I suggest to add the benefit or impact right at the title of your article is to tell the audience exactly what they will benefit.

Why you have to write until so clear?

Majority of the people does not know what they want. I totally agree with Steve Jobs that mostly, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them and as a result to your article, you need to tell them clearly what you are going to teach and what are their benefits from doing it.

A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.

– Steve Jobs, Wikiquote

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