Working from home used to be something that only a select number of people got to do. These people were generally either entrepreneurs, had their own business, or worked for the few rare companies that actually employed people to work from their own home. Nowadays, however, working from home is much more common.

There are a number of different career opportunities available to someone who would rather spend time at home during the working hours than in the traditional workplace, and the number continues to grow! We live in an era where almost everything related to business, media, and entertainment is accomplished from a computer. This means that people are needed to work at those computers… and the thing about computers is that they allow you to work from anywhere!

When I worked my regular job (I worked 9 to 5 at a retail store), I was amazed at how many people did not even consider trying to do something that they liked more. A lot of my co-workers hated their job… but when asked why they didn’t change careers, they really didn’t have much to say. The truth is, a lot of people are afraid of stepping out on their own and doing something that is ‘outside the normal’.

Working from home offers you several advantages. Yes, it can be risky… and yes, you need to have some money saved up to get yourself going. You also need to be a self-starter and have the ability to focus day to day on your work. But it is completely doable! I felt so liberated when I finally got to work from home, and you can feel the same way!

The Advantages

Working from home offers several unique advantages over jobs in the traditional workplace. Here are just a few of the good things about being your own boss under your own roof…

  • Freedom to make your own schedule
  • No commute
  • Saving money on things like transportation, parking meters, vehicle expenses, etc.
  • The freedom to decorate your home office however you want
  • The freedom to come and go as you please
  • Wear what you want to work instead of having to follow an awful dress code

As you can see, there are many advantages to working from home. But what does it require in return?

After leaving the traditional workplace, the first thing you will realize is that you have no office space! Unless you plan on doing your work at the kitchen table, you will need to dedicate a room in your home to be your new work space. It might take a bit of work to get your new office ready, but you will be amazed at how productive and creative you will feel sitting in your own office, right in your own home!

Designing Your Own Killer Home Office

Designing your new office can be fun and exciting! But it can also be a lot of work. Make sure to make a plan, starting with choosing a room. Try to choose a larger room so that you will have more space to move around in. Maybe your kids have gone to college, leaving you with an extra bedroom? Or maybe you have an extra storage room that is really not being used at the moment? Any of these will work perfectly for your new home work-zone!

After cleaning up the room and possibly painting and putting down some new flooring (if necessary), you are going to need to head out to pick up a few things. Unless you already have everything you will need to furnish your home office, you are going to have a bit of a list to make up. Here are some ideas that can get you started…

  • Office desk
  • Comfortable chair (black leather recliner chairs are especially luxurious for any home office!)
  • A loveseat and/or coffee table
  • Inspirational photos/posters
  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Wireless internet router
  • Extension cords
  • Printer/Scanner/Copier combo
  • Telephone
  • Headset with a microphone (if you intend to chat with clients online)
  • Bookshelf

Remember, it takes a little bit of an investment to get started at home. Every business requires a little bit of startup money… but the investment is in YOU… not in some fly-by-night company. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed by buying what you need and designing your own home office the RIGHT way, from the very beginning!

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Posted by Josh Sigafus

Josh Sigafus is a freelance web-content writer, songwriter, and aspiring novelist. He has been working from home for several years, and loves what he does. He often uses websites like for inspiration and fact-finding while writing about working from home, a subject that he is especially passionate about. He is a husband and a father, and enjoys time off with his family when he is not working on his writing projects.

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