Since his first unorthodox introduction to the world in The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, Yoda had become a worldwide symbol of infinite wisdom. He’s not only identified as a character in the Star Wars franchise, but an icon in the world of science fiction.

To date, Yoda is one of the most recognized – and beloved – movie characters in history.


Yoda the Mysterious

There’s a running joke in the entertainment industry that when the character’s inimitability is greater than anything, the simplest way to avoid questions is to not give answers.

Yoda, the two-foot-tall Jedi, is one of the most important characters in the cinematic world. While everyone who “speaks” the Star Wars language knows of Yoda, no one really “dgrw”knows” the green guy.

Even being one of the most recognized characters in Star Wars, Yoda remains to be one of the most mysterious characters in sci-fi. Hardly any details were given about Yoda. George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars franchise, once said that Yoda’s ambiguous background was intentional.

No one really knows where he came from or from what planet he originated. Lucas felt that exploring Yoda’s history and writing it all down to make it “official” would defeat the purpose of its enigma.


Yoda the Reward

The creation of Yoda was a massive risk. The making of The Empire Strikes Back was a chaotic time. It was touch-and-go if the movie would be completed at all.

Yoda’s distinctiveness was one of the many chances the production took. Yoda, an important character, was a non-human. In fact, it wasn’t even played by an actor in the traditional way.

But the production’s leap of faith was rewarded. The concept became a remarkable film reality. Over the years, he has been enshrined as one of the most beloved movie characters. Story-wise, Yoda was the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy. He was also the wisest.


Yoda the “Einstein”

Stuart Freeborn was the make-up artist who was assigned to create Yoda. During the 1221/stuart-freeborn/”creation process, he would often look in a mirror. Freeborn used his own reflection to inspire the final look of the Master Jedi.

When Freeborn started sketching and sculpting Yoda, he accentuated and exaggerated some of his own features. He used his balding scalp and his defined wrinkles and laugh lines. Freeborn also drew inspiration from his pointed chin to create the non-human character.

As per the renowned make-up artist, Yoda’s upper lip was the only part of the character that wasn’t based on his facial features. Interestingly, he used Albert Einstein’s mouth. Freeborn removed Einstein’s famous mustache and ported the latter’s upper lip on Yoda’s face.

That move was a deliberate one. Freeborn wanted to trigger a subconscious connection between Einstein’s wisdom and the audience. Thus, making Yoda seem wise and brilliant, even before he opened his mouth to speak.


“Buffy” as Yoda

Can you imagine reading an article entitled Buffy, but it has nothing to do with the famous vampire slayer? Instead, the article is all about the most powerful Jedi Master.

Lucas originally named the non-human character as Buffy. Thankfully, Leigh Bracket, the screenwriter of The Empire Strikes Back, changed Buffy to Minch Yoda. On her final draft, she dropped “Minch” completely.

So, “Buffy” became Yoda. Rightfully so, especially when taken into account the fact that in Sanskrit, Yoda means “a warrior.”


Yoda the Master Jedi… and more

Yoda wore plenty of hats in the order of the Jedi. He managed tons of important roles too.

Yoda was the Grand Master of the Jedi High Council. He was also once the Master of the Order. During the Clone Wars, he was a Jedi General. He had proven his indispensability with his skill and talent as a warrior and tactician.

Yoda was also the master of the sword. In terms of using a lightsaber, he was one of – if not the most – skilled Jedi of all time. Also, his skills in manipulating the Force was unequaled. Only a few Jedi could fight with him on equal terms.

The green Jedi was also known for his gift in telekinesis. At one point, he lifted and carried an X-Wing.  On more than one occasion, he telekinetically made two C-9979 landing crafts clash with one another. Even the Master of Telekinesis, Darth Tyranus, was unable to defeat his gift.

Yoda also has extrasensory perception. He foresaw – in clear details – future events. He would even feel the death of an individual from all around the galaxy. He was trained to become one with the Force without losing his identity even after his death.

But most of all, Yoda was known for imparting wisdom using his unique fragmentation of the English language. Here are 40 of his best quotes:


Inspiring and Wise Yoda Quotes

Yoda Quotes

“No longer certain, that one ever does win a war, I am. For in fighting the battles, the bloodshed, already lost we have. Yet, open to us a path remains.”

Yoda Quotes

“Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.”

Yoda Quotes

“Wrong? Hmm. A long time, fought I did. Consumed by fear, I was, though see it I did not.”

Yoda Quotes

“Patience you must have my young padawan.”


Yoda Quotes

“A challenge lifelong it is, not to bend fear into anger.”


Yoda Quotes

“Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not.”


Yoda Quotes

“Attachment leads to jealously. The shadow of greed, that is.”


Yoda Quotes

“Faith in your new apprentice, misplaced may be. As is your faith in the dark side of the Force.”


Yoda Quotes

“To answer power with power, the Jedi way this is not. In this war, a danger there is, of losing who we are.”


Yoda Quotes

“Reckless he is. Matters are worse.”

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