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There are a lot of people out there blogging. Some blog for money, some blog to improve their writing and communication skills, some blog for pocket money while some blog for fun! While blogging is easy for most of the people, many bloggers find blogging difficult. You can find a lot of bloggers (especially starters) wanting to make money via blogging. Though many of them after several attempts succeed in earning dollars online, some still aren’t able to do that! Let me tell you why!

1. If You’re lazy…

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You can’t expect to earn thousands of dollars from blogging if you are not ready to work. If you’re one among the many lazy people out there, you will find blogging difficult. It’s true blogging is easy if compared to many other professions, but it certainly requires you to work hard.

“You can’t achieve anything without working hard”

How to find out if you’re lazy?

  • If you are one among those who keep on postponing their work, you’re lazy.
  • If you often ask others to do your work, you’re lazy. For example, if you prefer asking someone to get you a bottle of water when you’re not busy and can actually get it yourself you are doing nothing but acting lazy.
  • If you often find yourself doing nothing!

How to overcome laziness?

Laziness is something that’s built in your character. No one can stop you from being lazy. If there’s someone who can stop you from being lazy, it’s YOU. So if you belong to the lazy bloggers group, it’s time to change, it’s time to start working. Here are a few tips that can help you overcome laziness –

  • Try finding the reason behind your laziness. What’s holding you back? Do you often get confused about what to do? Confusion is one of the reasons for being lazy. Try overcoming it. Take a decision and start working on it!
  • Imagine your future! Just imagine if someone is getting you a bottle of water today, will he be there tomorrow? Will he not get irritated to do it every day (the work which you can easily do yourself)?
  • Overcoming laziness is not a one day task. It’s something you will learn with each passing day. In short take your time!

2. If You Find It Hard!

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If you often find that you can’t do something, you will find blogging difficult. If you want to rank at the first position in Google for a particular keyword suppose “Make Money Online” you need to build a lot of links, for building links you need to comment on various do follow blogs, you need to write guest posts, etc. considering it has a lot of competition. It’s hard, but not impossible! If you often regard work as “too hard, I can’t do” it’s the time to change.

Go and try out things before regarding them as “hard”. Work a lot and try making the work you call as hard, EASY. Remember nothing is hard if you are determined to do it!

3. If You Spend A Lot Of Time Doing Unnecessary Things…

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If you spend a lot of time online chatting (hours on the go) you will find blogging a little difficult. I don’t mean that if you chat, you can’t blog. Instead I mean to say, unnecessary chatting wastes your time. If you find yourself saying “Hi, how are you?” daily to your blogger friend/s, you’re wasting your time! It’s good to stay in touch with other bloggers (that’s what we call networking) but daily HI’s and hello’s will irritate others as well (who seriously do work).

That was just an example of how you could be wasting your time. There are other reasons as well like continuously updating your Facebook status while no one is listening, etc. STOP wasting your time on unnecessary activities and indulge yourself in something useful!

How to save your time?

  • Take a decision that you won’t do anything that wastes your time.
  • Reward yourself if you succeed in saving your time.
  • Install powerful site blockers (I call them time saver) add-ons like StayFocusd for Google Chrome and LeechBlock for Mozilla Firefox.

4. If You Read…Read & Just Read!

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Reading is useful only if you are bringing into practice what you read. What’s the point in reading an article on building links if you’re not trying out the ways yourself? How will you know if what you are reading actually works? Reading is good, practicing is BETTER!

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