With the holidays fast approaching, there are people that are now starting to save up and think about what would be the perfect yet affordable present to give for their family, friends, and co-workers.  Whether you’re going to choose to shop at the last minute or shop ahead of time, a no-fail gift that you can opt to give is a greeting card.

Greeting cards can be the simplest yet most touching gift that you can give to someone. With the right greeting card design and lay-out, you can instantly send your message across to the person you’re going to give it to. Although a lot of people are now resorting to e-cards, printed greeting cards still have that more intimate and personal appeal since you can write in them and, the recipients can keep them as a token of remembrance.

While classic and old-fashioned greeting card designs are and will always be in, you can also opt to give fresh, colorful and creative greeting cards. Make people laugh and say “aww..” through fancy greeting cards that have quirky and striking designs. Add oomph to traditional cards like these greeting card examples:

1. Liebe Christmas by Ulrike Wilhelm

2. Hermanngirl Greeting Cards by Kathryn Shinko

3. Holiday Cards Set by Aaina Sharma

4.  Springer ’08 Holiday card by Mike Giesser

5. Christmas Greeting Cards by Concept Machine

6. SirValuse and Nurago Christmas mailing by Anja Leidel

7. Sweet & Salty Greetings by Jesse Kuhn

8. Seasonal Greeting Cards by Rich Connolly

9. Greeting Cards by Chad Geran

10. Red Nose Deer by Chad Geran

11. Christmas Cards by Val

12. X-mas Greeting cards by Splendidriver

13. Jolly Green Holiday Cards by Shelovesjew

14. Peace Love and Joy Holiday Cards by Monkeymindesign

15. Merry Christmas Greeting Card by Claireeyedesign

16. Holiday Card by Sarah Parrott

17. Blythe Holiday Cards by Tizzalicious

18. Holiday Card by Amanda Miller

19. Holiday cards 2010 by Laura Louise

20. Holiday Card by Irrania

Feel free to let your creative and sophisticated personality show through your greeting cards. Make greeting card designs that are fresh and youthful to make them worth-keeping and expressive. But always remember that a greeting card that’s worth keeping is the one that really evokes the emotion of the sender to the recipient.

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