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51 Clever Camera and Photography Logo Designs

Photography in general has been a valuable business for quite sometime. Often people think that if you purchase a DSLR camera, you will be able to output the same results as professionals. If you are a photographer that is reading this, you are probably smiling because you have experienced this before. Let’s set things straight: photography might sound easy, but you need to know alot more than pressing the shooting button.

Pro’s have to deals with a numerous amount of elements to come up with beautiful shots. Let’s list some things that they need to know iso, lighting, focus, aperture, exposure, shutter speed, zoom, lens, focal points, balance and the list goes on. We respect their profession and cheer them on for doing great work. If you are in fact interested in learning the field, you can easy educate yourself. There are so many tutorials and books available to you, that you don’t need to go to school for it.

Now that’s all said and done, let’s jump into the inspiration part of designing a photography based logo. Many individual photographers, agencies, and stock photography websites use the camera or something about the camera to symbolize their logo. Now that you have the camera at mind, break it down into bits and pieces to come up with creative ideas. It’s all about being unique and different. To help you get started, you can focus on things like film reel, lens, shutter, frame, or viewfinder.

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While designing, keep in mind not to create a look-a-like. You don’t ever want somebody to compare your/client company to somebody else. For example let’s jump into a different industry. I hear this quite often from non tech savvy people and it helps to prove my point even more. When you ask people to describe Gamefly (video game rental service,) they will often say it’s like Netflix (movie rental service) but for games. This is a big no-no if I was SEO of Gamefly, I do not want to be grouped with a business that someday might become a competitor. Which in this case with the recent announcement of Quickster, Gamefly is in big trouble.

Apart from the little technology talk, I think this issue is often overlooked. In 2011 good ideas and names are already taken. If a company is being started today, it needs to have a different approach of capturing new customers. We hope that this little overview has helped you and will lead you in the right direction. Without further a doo, we hope you will appreciate the following collection.

Note: All of the images below are linked to their original source!

1. The Social Portfolio

2. Shootmydog.ie

3. Shutterbug

4. TravelPhotos

5. Photoprint


7. Flutterpix

8. Eco Pics

9. Siah Photography

10. Razor

11. Photo Carrier

12. EyePerture Media

13. Photography of nature

14. Juan Gestal Photograpy

15. Heartfelt Photography

16. Daniel Moyer Photography

17. Saxon

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