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There’s just something so appealing about things that seem to have been made by hand. Noticed the rise in DIY gurus, helping people out with their events and little home projects? Indeed, the hand is such a mighty weapon that gives us one surprise after another, when used the right way. And all this, of course, can be applied to design.

Now please don’t think that we’re trying to discourage people from using regular fonts. They are actually quite awesome, especially when your font choice perfectly matches the message you are trying to send across. But you would have to admit that there are just some designs that will not make their statement highlighted enough if hand-lettered designs are not used.

There’s just a certain feel that hand-lettered designs deliver that you can’t get anywhere else. No matter how fancy your chosen font may be, if it’s not hand-lettered, there would always be something lacking if your design demands to have something more personal in place.

Why use hand-lettering on your designs? Here are a few good reasons:

It gives a more personal touch.

Imagine people seeing something hand-lettered on your final product. What crosses their minds? We’re willing to bet that they’re imagining you holed up on your desk, manually drawing each stroke, painting each line. This makes them feel more special, simply because they know that somewhere, someone added a personal touch to make this design possible.

It brings a more ‘real’ feeling to the design.

When you use regular fonts, there would always be a robotic quality to it, something too perfect that somehow takes that natural flow away from designs that should be more personal, more toned down, more ‘real’. It’s the imperfect corners and the rugged strokes that make hand-lettered designs a true favorite in design circles.

It brings a special hint of variety into your design.

Webpage after webpage, you’ll see the same style, same fonts, same flavor. And that’s a given, because without consistency, then your entire website will be all over the place, leaving visitors completely dazed and confused. But try adding a hint of hand-lettering in one corner here and one side there. Better yet, highlight it on your homepage. You bet that you’ll get that powerful variety that your web design needs.

If you just aren’t convinced with these reasons alone, you would definitely have an all-out decision to go for hand-lettered designs after you see the following hand-lettered creations from Instagram.

Air Max by Dr Axes

Air Max by Dr Axes (1)

Dream Bigger by Manny

Dream Bigger by Manny (1)

Beatles by Yohanes Dony Purnomo

Beatles by Yohanes Dony Purnomo (1)

Guide You Home by Jamal M. Aziz

Guide You Home by Jamal M. Aziz (1)

Grease in Peace by Alib Isa

Grease in Peace by Alib Isa (1)

Work & Hustle by Christian Decianni

Work & Hustle by Christian Decianni (1)

Passion by George Cibu

Passion (1)

90s vibes by Dave Homer

90s vibes by Dave Homer

Life is too short by Stephanie Baxter

Life is too short

A Little Spark of Madness by Novia Jonatan

A little Sprak of Madness by Novia Jonatan

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