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Learning about typography shouldn’t be complicated. In this 6-minute clip, shows you the basics, easy do’s and don’ts, as well as a couple of tips even pros will appreciate. Understanding why typography matters can help you in many cases (such as creating better presentations) – even if you’re not a designer.

When it comes to typography, one of the first things one needs to learn is the different classifications of fonts. There’s Serif, Sans Serif, and Display – all which can convey a message on their own. This amazing video also talks about typography processes, like kerning, leading, tracking, and hierarchy. You shouldn’t let the thousands of font styles intimidate you. Remember: less is more. Pick one or two elements you want emphasized, and start there.

Anyone can create professional-looking projects with a bit of knowledge and genuine interest. Watch this typography video today and practice what you’ve learned.

Beginning Graphic Design: Typography

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