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45 Eye-Opening Examples of Email Newsletter Designs

Whenever you own and run your business, you can probably guess that email marketing can play a huge role in sales. If a customer/visitor signs up for a newsletter he/she is trusting you with their personal info. Its strongly important to never sell these email to 3rd parties and become a sell out.

Now that you have peoples trust, its time to market your service and or product. I strongly advise you to never spam and sell low quality items. This makes you look  desperate, and now you running the risk of people unsubscribing. Now i want to be very clear and provide some advice for almost every single industry.  All you have to do before you suggest or sell an item is ask yourself one simple question. “Would i buy this myself?” If you answered no then its a no go, but if you answered yes then you’re good to go.

Now that you got some information regarding email lists, you need some inspiration for your newsletter. Of course you can probably guess that design play a major role in attracting the customer. Please keep in mind that each one plays a different role, some are just weekly letters, promotions, and sales encouraging you to purchase. Take some time and see what these companies offer and why it works for then. Once you obtain this info you can easily create an amazing newsletter based on your needs.

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Don’t want to be so serious about this roundup, so i added a funny newsletter at the end 😉

1. Protein One

2. We Love

3. Inside Secrets

4. Tourist Way

5. Openluchttheater

6. The Broad Strokes

7. Mitchell and Dent

8. Carbon

9. Savvy.je

10. The Lethals

11. Like.ie

12. Sevell + Sevell-Inc

13. Style Campaign

14. Red Marble Steaks

15. e-Crime Wales Summit

16. Tri North Builders

17. Andorra Youth Card Association

18. Year 12 Survival

19. Lava

20. Trourist

21. Silberpuls

22. Served

23. Flip

24. Offandaway

25. Wonderbra

26. Full Sail University

27. Neutrogena

28. Virb

29. Vacationist

30. Threadless

31.  Envato

32. EA Sports

33. Nintendo

34. Disney

35. Barnes and Noble

36. Cheese Cake Factory

37. Jacques Torres Chocolate

38. Think Vitamin

39. Dell

40. 55 DSL

41. Swatch

42. Tubefilter

43. Audi

44. Sketchdock

45. Deisel

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