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Even if you love your job, everyone struggles to maintain a high-energy, positive mindset for hours on end. Whether you work early in the morning or late at night, you likely hit a slump and it can be difficult to stay productive.

Read on for our top seven tips and tricks to boost your energy and productivity at work!


1. Take a power nap

Man Napping Inside his Car

The art of the nap is one that any busy shift worker or over timer should know! If your work fatigue stems from sleep deprivation, taking a short nap is an effective way to give your brain a break and refresh yourself.

Try taking a short, 25-minute nap. Scientifically speaking, napping for longer than that will make you groggier and less focused. Timing your naps precisely to fit into a REM cycle will give you that burst of energy!


2. Get some fresh air

In our sedentary culture, many people walk from their houses to their cars, straight inside into their office and back home without spending more than 10 minutes outside!

Barring inclement weather, popping outside during your break will help wake up your brain and allow you to feel more energized. The combination of natural light and higher air quality boosts certain hormones in your brain responsible for keeping you awake, leaving you refreshed and motivated.


3. Drink small amounts of caffeine

Drinking a Cup of Joe at Work

Having a small cup of coffee at the beginning of the day is the best way to reap all the benefits of caffeine. Drinking several small cups of coffee throughout the day will be much more effective than drinking one enormous cup.

Stick to a creamy espresso to get the energy without empty calories or that shaky, over caffeinated feeling. Find a local shop near you, or even better invest in beans from a quality brand such as Lavazza and make it yourself!


4. Do some exercises

Our bodies naturally wind down and we begin to feel sleepy after hours of inactivity. If you feel sleepy and you’ve been sitting down for hours, get your blood pumping to wake yourself up.

Perhaps this means rescheduling your workout for just after lunch, or whenever you feel the most tired. It could also mean finding an empty room and doing 10 minutes of yoga, or stepping out and walking around the block. Exercise releases endorphins into your bloodstream, improving your mood and motivation.


5. Mix up your routine

Reading Glasses on a White Desk

Having unwavering routines can lull us into a sense of boredom and predictability. Even if you love your routine, such strict schedules can allow us to fall into autopilot and quickly put us to sleep.

If you have a certain number of tasks you must complete every day, try mixing up the order you complete them in. The novelty will force your brain to refocus and pay attention to your work.


6. Wake up your senses

Somewhere over 50% of jobs in today’s world require frequent use of a computer. Many people are stuck in artificially lit, muted environments. If the mundane surroundings have you nodding off, use your senses to wake yourself up.

Aromatherapy, listening to music, even using coloring books can all give your brain some stimulation, helping you stay awake and alert. Try using an essential oil diffuser and look for scents such as peppermint or citrus. Classical music also benefits your cognitive abilities, making it the ideal pick-me-up for a quiet day at the office.


7. Look at your lifestyle

Look at Your Own Lifestyle

Sometimes, chronic fatigue at work is symptomatic of larger issues. If you have too many ups and downs at work or are tired easily, there is likely something else going on in your lifestyle.

Focus on your nutrition and your sleep schedule. It might be a case of needing to go to bed earlier or changing your routine to not include screens before bed. You can also look for other sources of stress in your life to minimize and help keep you focused and motivated all day long.

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