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Wireless speakers are the perfect addition to homes for the ultimate audio experience. Mobile devices like Android smart phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, Macs, and PCs can transmit high-quality audio to every corner in your house. Some can also be repositioned wherever they are needed at the moment. How each speaker system connects to your music devices, though, could be either of two main ways. Some speakers will use Bluetooth connection while others connect to the local Wifi network. They each have their own strengths and which one is right for you rely on your needs. Other connections can be used, like DLNA and AirPlay, but it still depends if they are compatible with the speakers. 

Bluetooth Speakers

These kinds of speakers use the almost universal Bluetooth connection. Most devices have this feature, like your desktop, laptop, phones, and tablets. Even your car probably has Bluetooth capability. This makes the choice for Bluetooth speakers very desirable since it can be paired with practically any device which has music in it. The problem with this connection is the limited range it offers. Though some manufacturers claim up to 30 feet in range, in reality it is something closer to 15 feet, and the device still needs to be in its direct line of sight. Walls and other obstructions will reduce the range of the speakers. Bluetooth signal also compresses the data sent. This leads to a slightly degraded quality that may not pass the strictest audiophile standards. This does not mean though that Bluetooth speakers warp your audio — far from it, actually.

Wifi Speakers

Speaker systems which use this type of connection can typically achieve coverage of an entire house within certain considerations, of course. This type of connection is very strong and features a lossless codec. This simply means that the audio data sent is exactly the same as the audio data received. No loss in fidelity is encountered when using Wifi. The drawbacks are in poor Internet speed and incompatible data formatting for certain Apple and/or Android devices and the speakers. If an expanded range is desired, an optional wifi bridge may be purchased. 

5 Premium Examples 

Some wireless speakers are better than others. Here is a list of 5 top-of-the-line choices that you should consider when choosing the right speakers for you. Read on because each speaker has its own unique features that may work perfectly with what you demand from them.

1. Harman Kardon Aura

Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Stereo Speaker System

This wireless speaker system uses its Bluetooth connection, Apple Airplay, and DLNA for maximum connectivity. It features an innovative, almost alien-like appearance which produces hi-fi sounds delivered using 6 mid to high range 1.5” transducers and subwoofer for omni-directional sound. This 360 degree sound can instantly fill a medium-sized room with near audiophile quality. Connection is easy and all Apple and Android devices can easily pair with the Aura easily and without hassle. A Harman Kardon remote app is also available to complete the listening experience.

Buy $399.95

2. Sonos


Sonos uses the wifi connection at home to produce top-grade audio which is synced across your mobile devices and the Sonos speaker network using its free Sonos app. This allows you to hear the same music anywhere you are on various Sonos speakers. Different devices can also link with various Sonos speakers for different music in each room. Grouping rooms together is also possible and customizes preferences of what to hear and where.

Buy $199

3. JBL Authentics L8

JBL Authentics L8

This two-way speaker system is compatible with AirPlay, DLNA, and Bluetooth devices. It is a powerful system which blasts 120-watts for a full-range sound. It requires very simple set-up and is easily configured with the JBL Music Flow app. A Harman Clari-Fi DSP is used to bridge the gaps in transferring your audio files via Bluetooth. An optional wireless charging pad on top also allows you to charge your devices without any struggle. This technology also allows the JB Authentics L8 to maintain an uncluttered and wire-free appearance.

Buy $599

4. Wren V5BT

Wren V5BT

This Bluetooth-enabled device combines the latest in audio technology with classic design and materials. Take your pick between its bamboo or rosewood finishes. Either way, it has a classic look and should suit your personality without problems. The speakers also use Bluetooth 2.0 for optimal wireless playback. When paired with a source device powered by CSR aptx, you then get CD grade sound quality from the Wren V5BT.

Buy $229

5. Marshall Stanmore

Marshall Stanmore 

The Marshall brand has always been synonymous with high performance audio technology. It brings this same excellent quality from larger amps and speakers and applies it to the Stanmore. Even for such a small package, it packs serious power and uses Bluetooth connection for worry-free use. Response time is negligible and Stanmore proves that Bluetooth speakers are highly competitive in delivering a rich audio experience in an all-in-one package. It also features a PowerSaver mode when not used actively to reduce environmental impact.

Buy $379

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