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As a kid, you can easily sleep in any position. And for those with babies, they may be so deprived of sleep that they may dose off in any place and position. However, every position needs something unique from a mattress. You may research from get best mattress to check if the mattress complements your sleeping position or not to avoid regretting your purchase.

Though you have 8 known sleeping positions, they are majorly classified into 3 sections: back, sideways and stomach. Previously sleeping on back was regarded as the best posture for health but that theory no longer exists. Basically, your sleeping position is connected to your personality type.


Side sleeping

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Usually side sleepers like this position with their hands and legs cuddled together towards their body and sine slightly curved. It is one of the most common sleeping positions but leads to long term back ache. But with the right mattress you can prevent this problem from occurring.

There is a log position also where the sleeper sleeps on the side with straight legs and arms. Then there is a yearner position where the sleeper’s legs are straight but the back is little curved

Every position has its own pros and cons. While the log position is good for the back but adds to aging because of gravity, the yearner position is easy for the back but adds pressure to the nerves. And if you sleep more on your right side, then you put extra strain on your lungs, liver and stomach.


Mattress consideration for side sleeper

Around 41% of people prefer side sleeping as a safe position. As this position is relatively curvier than the others, pressure relief is necessary. No one wants to bear the strain on their hips and shoulders for a large amount of time. For side sleepers recessed areas between the mattress and body get formed. These spaces require a mattress to form a cradle to sink them in. it spreads the weight evenly to avoid pressure points getting pained.

To make your body sink in the mattress, you need thick and soft layer is required. Usually this layer should be around 3 inches thick.

If side sleepers are not cradled by their mattress, they may suffer from numbness, soreness or enhanced pressure points. You may be restless whole night, tossing and turning.


Back sleeping

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Well, sleeping on your back with arms sideways is regarded as the best position. It is even suggested by physicians. Your parents may also have suggested you to sleep in this posture since your childhood. But, only a few people find this position comfy. Surely they are not using a mattress designed for this posture.

You have one more back sleeping posture known as the starfish posture. It is perfect for a safe and healthy back, but this position needs your arms to be near your pillows.


Mattress consideration for back sleeper

The recessed place of lumbar area is the only gap made when you sleep on your back. Thus, it is important to give it proper support. But it doesn’t need a comfort layer as thick as needed by a side sleeper. A thin layer will do well. Usually a 2-inch comfort layer is preferred.


Stomach sleeping

The only advantage of sleeping on your stomach is that you will resist snoring. Apart from this, there are a lot of cons of sleeping in this posture. But, if it gives you comfort, then the only way to fall asleep in this posture is by getting the right mattress for it which can lower the negative effects.

As you will not be able to breathe through your pillow, you will have to turn your head either way which pressurizes your neck. If you use a pillow, then your back will also be slightly bent. As the curve fails to get proper support, a lot of stomach sleepers suffer from back pain.


Mattress consideration for stomach sleeper

You do not need thick or soft layer for support as there isn’t any recessed area for a stomach sleeper. And sleeping on softer surface may hyperextend your lumbar area. Thin and firm comfort layers are preferable. You can have an inch of softness, but firmness should be top notch to avoid any type of unnatural back curve on the back.


Combination sleeping

If you are a combination sleeper which means you sleep on your back, side and stomach interchangeably, then as far as mattress is concerned, you are hard to please. So, how do you research from get best mattress to find a matter which is comfortable for every sleeping position?

While shopping for mattress, think about your deepest sleeping posture. If you sleep majorly on your back and side, then side is your deepest sleeping posture. Side sleepers need a 3-inch comfort layer while back sleepers need just 1-inch softness. Hence, you should go with something in between.

Top notch foams such as latex works well for combination sleepers. They are softer at the top and render firm support. Inner springs are also good.


Sleeping position play a vital role in the selection of mattress for you. The right mattress caters to these gaps and renders the right support in deep layers to keep the body aligned right.

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