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If you are having any trouble with your Spectrum TV service, follow the guidelines mentioned below and get rid of all sorts issues on your own.


Power Outage: No Picture

If you are not receiving any picture on your TV set after a service outage, try rebooting your receiver by keeping it unplugged for at least 30 seconds and then plugging it back in.

Note: If there is a power outage in your nearby areas, your service may get affected too.


No Picture Issues

Modern LCD Tc inside living room

In order to resolve no picture problem, make sure:

  • The coaxial cable connections on the wall, receiver and TV are undamaged and tight.
  • The TV set or any additional equipment is set at the same channel.
  • Your TV is at the correct source/input such as HDMI, Video 1 etc.
  • If your cables are having red, blue and green connectors, make sure you connect them with the matching outlet colors on the TV such as GREEN: Y to Y, BLUE: Pb to Pb and RED: Pr to Pr
  • You may call for Spectrum support for any additional assistance.


Distorted, Fuzzy, Snowy, Missing Channels and Ghosting TV Screen

To get rid of these picture and TV Screen issues, follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Make sure your receiver and TV are switched on.
  • The TV or any additional equipment should be set to the same channel.
  • Make sure that the TV is set at the correct input or source such as HDMI or Video 1 etc.
  • Check that the coaxial cables and make sure they are undamaged and connected tightly to the wall, receiver and TV.
  • Switch off other equipment such as PlayStation, Xbox or DVD player etc. that are connected to your TV.
  • Use the feature of “Auto Program” on your VCR or TV, if applicable.



  • Go through the subscription package of your TV and make sure that the channel that you are trying to watch is available.
  • Log in to your service account and make sure that your services are currently active. Also, do not forget to check the charge details.


Troubleshooting With Auto Program

The feature of “Auto Program” scans all the popular channels so as to determine whether the signal is available or not. This feature can be accessed through the TV menu and is available on most of the TV sets.


Steps To Access Auto Program:

  1. Pick up your Spectrum TV remote control and press “Setup” or “Menu” on it.
  2. Choose the option of “Auto Program”. This will let your TV scan all the channels.
  3. Try to change different channels and make sure that they all are working.


  • Make sure that the TV which you want to program is not connected to your Spectrum receiver.
  • You may not able to adjust the Spectrum TV settings using a universal remote.


Fixing Blank Screen Issue

Samsung LCD tv inside a cozy living room

  • First, you should check the AC power sources.
  • Check all the power switches and DVD, Gaming Console or TV switches.
  • Make sure all the connections and cords are undamaged and tightly secured.
  • Check for a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker.
  • Change to a non-switched power outlet. You can try connecting a lamp to the outlet and make sure that it is active.
  • If you are able to change channels with the buttons of your receiver’s front panel, then there might be a problem with your remote control batteries. Try replacing these batteries with the fresh ones.
  • If you are still not able to get back to your normal TV screen, call Spectrum customer support for help.


Fixing “One Moment Please” Message Issue

  • If you are receiving a message saying “One Moment Please” on your TV, check the subscription package of your TV and make sure that the channel you are trying to watch is available to you.
  • Make sure that the coaxial cable connections at the receiver, TV and wall are undamaged and tight.

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