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One of the biggest and most exciting trends in mobile technology is the shift from smartphones and tablets to “phablets.” According to a report from Business Insider Intelligence, phablet shipments are expected to increase at almost double the rate of smartphone shipments over the next five years, with shipments hitting 1.5 billion by 2019. Business Insider also suggests that phablets are crushing tablet sales and causing demand to wither. Phablet shipments will outpace tablet shipments by three-to-one in 2018, according to the BI report.

What is a Phablet?

A cross between a phone and a tablet, a phablet offers the best of both worlds: The portability of a smartphone and the big-screen experience of a tablet, chock-full of exciting and dynamic features. According to Market Realist, phablets grew out of a simple demand: consumers want larger-sized smartphones with bigger screens for viewing photos and videos. Phablets are large phones, or small tablets, depending on your point of view. Phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from T-Mobile are quickly becoming the device of choice within the mobile crowd. With features like a newly evolved S Pen, S Voice and Action Memo, it’s no wonder why this device has attracted the attention of many mobile users. Here are five reasons why phablets are the best mobile devices:

Full Functionality

Phablet users can perform any function they normally would on a phone, tablet or even a laptop, including:

  • Make a voice call
  • Video chat
  • Stream videos
  • Read e-books
  • Surf the Internet
  • Edit photos
  • Play games
  • Type emails
  • Take notes with a stylus
  • Sketch

Immersive User Experience

The larger phablet screen (typically 5 to 7 inches) fits more content comfortably on the screen, and allows for a more robust user experience. Watching videos and reading eBooks puts less strain on the eyes. The objects are also larger, clearer and easier to touch. Older users with deteriorating eyesight really benefit from larger screens. Looking at the actual phone functionality, some users have noted that it can feel a bit uncomfortable to hold a phablet to their ear to make a voice call. Luckily, Bluetooth compatibility makes it much easier and more comfortable to make a voice call using a phablet. Business Insider points out that phablets’ screen size encourages users to engage with content-centric social networks, like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. More than half of all activity on phablets is social network-related, says BI.

Convenient Portability

Phablets are a great way to keep your calendar, email and contacts on-the-go for all of your personal and professional needs. Phablets take up less space than a tablet, but still offer a good amount of screen space to read through business reports, take notes during a meeting or read an eBook/watch a video on a plane or train ride. Commuters especially love the easy and convenient portability of phablets. Speaking of portability, clothing manufacturers are taking into account the growing size of smartphones, and making small tweaks to reengineer pants so they can hold larger handsets. Dockers reported last year that they are increasing the size of their pockets to accommodate larger phones.

Multitasking Capabilities

Phablets make multitasking a breeze, thanks to the larger screen. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, for example, has Multi Window technology, which allows you to open multiple windows on a single screen and run two apps at the same time. Imagine the convenience of watching a video while drafting an email, or having two video chats simultaneously!

Affordable Price Point

Obviously, it’s more cost-effective to buy one device instead of multiple. Purchasing a phablet eliminates the expense of purchasing both a phone and tablet. Also, since phablets are smaller than tablets, they cost less to produce and can be purchased at a lower price point. Whether you’re looking for a device that can edit photos, view content on a larger screen, is portable, or can access multiple windows at once, phablets are the best mobile device to carry around.

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