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40 Quality Websites with Circular Logos

During 2010 an interesting website design trend has risen. Before we get in, you might say “Thats just the logo, just because its circle doesn’t mean its a trend.” I understand and totally agree with thats statement. However based on the facts, web designers would like their logo to be round on the website, just so it smoothly fits in with the design. At most cases websites that use the circular logo to minimizer visual distractions and make you focus on the content. This method also makes websites look perfectly aligned and organized.

Having to research this topic made me want to play around with my own logo. These are the prototypes that I came up with. Not only was it super easy to make, but they also look great! Personally I like the first one its very simple and straight to the point. This little activity proves the fact that circular logos are very easy on the eyes and minimize distraction.

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Today we have gathered a massive collection of this design trend. We hope that this will prove our point, and maybe even inspire you to incorporate it into your website. Please keep in mind this article is based of my total opinion.

1. Adriankenny

2. Tiincorporated

3. Uppercasegallery

4. Ripetype

5. Rebeccabarry

6. Theridejournal

7. Brizk

8. Londonmade


10. Yyoga

11. Erikiggmark

12. Thenewtoy

13. Artandgraft

14. Eirikbacker

15. Kylemkramer

16. Hatbox

17. Studioengram

18. Kylevalentic

19. Acmecreative

20. Renatopequito

21. Commendablekids

22. Threadbird

23. Premiumpixels

24. Rdmpb

25. Bestawards

26. Webteam

27. Bottlerocketcreative

28. Socialprimer

29. Pop The Box

30. Themoderninnovation

31. Purplerockscissors

32. Reaganray

33. Sevenstreets

34. Festivalcreative

35. Midsite

36. Gridlondon

37. Chris Spooner

38. Uzik

39. Chrismeisner

40. Chris Wallace

Disagree with this article? Got a website we missed? Please let us know by commenting below.

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Igor Ovsyannykov

Igor Ovsyannykov

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