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I strongly believe that every one has the ability to create; if you feel you lack in the area of creativity in this blog post I cover 10 ways that can dramatically boost your creativity.


1) Don’t hold back

When you need to generate ideas it’s important that you reframe from being judgmental. If the ideas sounds outrageous and out of the world so be it; some of the most creative minds that ever lived came up with ideas that at first seem ridiculous but by being confident and applying themselves they created wonderful works of arts and ideas.


2) Experience new things

Pity a man that has a favorite restaurant. If you want to be creative its essential that you remain open to all experiences and actively seek out new things; whether it’s a restaurant, movie, museum, club, bar, sport, always be on the look out to do things you never done before.


3) Read. Read. Read

I credit a lot of my personal and artistic growth to reading. Make sure you read at least 30 minutes to an hour a day. It doesn’t have to be in a specific genre but as long as you take the time out to read I assure you that you will see a significant spike in you creative potential.


4) Create your own projects

Most of my designing is for clients and I don’t always have the chance to be creative as I like to be; so I make it my business to create three big projects every year for my self. By doing this I push my self as a designer and I get to enhance my creative abilities.


5) Visit the museum

Every time I go to the MOMA I get this rejuvenated kick of creativity; I would advise going by your self the first couple of times so you can evaluate all the beautiful artwork by your self with no distractions (I took my little nephew and to keep it short I will leave him home next time… LOVE you Nauree). The museum is a guarantee creativity booster so just pick up your things and go.


6) Take a picture

I don’t care if you have a SLR or a regular point and shoot that you got from your nearby dollar store. Just go out and capture anything that is visually interesting and store it. You can use your pics as a reference to jumpstart your creativity when need be.


7) Follow your gut

It is human behavior to get down on yourself when someone tells you what you create isn’t visually appealing. Lets face it you can’t please everybody but you can damn sure please yourself; forget what everyone else is saying and pick up the paint brush or whatever you feel like creating and just CREATE.


8) Meditate

Meditation is a great way to relax your self and there is numerous scientific studies that prove human beings are most creative in a relax state. So when ever you are in a creative rut and have a million things following through your head pick a space in your house and mediate at least for 30 minutes you will be amazed how relaxed and calm you will feel.


9) Middle finger to conformity

Conformity is death. When you want to be truly creative let go of all imposed trends and create something that is true to your heart. Once you make this an active habit your creative potential will rapidly grow.


10) Take a walk

Walking stimulates your subconscious thoughts thus allowing you to generate more ideas and make connections to one idea to another. Also walking is relaxing and also brings down your stress levels.

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