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The infamous debate between spectacles vs. contact lenses has been on for the longest time and is something that will always be debated because of the fact that everyone has their own personal choice.

However, it is always good to know about the options that are available and make an informed decision. In some cases, choosing one over the other is inevitable for a number of factors that add up to contribute to this. There are also the ones who choose both and make a switch depending upon the situation.

One of the major reasons why a lot of people are hesitant to make the switch from specs to contact lenses is because of the number of misconceptions attached to it. Everyone has a right to their opinion and will have a lot of things to say but it is always better to try out something on your own before coming to a conclusion. To help make the change from specs to contact lens, there are a few reasons listed below for reference.

  • Wearing contact lenses makes it easier to lead an active lifestyle as compared to specs. For athletes and people who are into physical activities, a contact lens proves to be more efficient as they do not move around and the chances of them falling and breaking are less, they are less obstructive and do not get in the way of safety gear such as goggles, caps and helmets.women running on race track during daytime
  • They sit easily on the curvature of the eye and give a wider field of view and excellent focus.person sitting on hill near ocean during daytime
  • Contact lens does not get affected by adverse weather conditions like rain and fog. Also they do not get water spots or steam up.person walking on street while holding black umbrella near cars on road at nighttime
  • They come in an array of shades and give the option of getting creative with the colour of your eye in a safe manner. Bella contact lenses are known for their unique shades that feature under their belle elite category of lens. The shades range from natural, subtle to something that will help you stand out in the crowd. Some even wear lens without any power to make a fashion statement with the colour of their eyes.BellaElite
  • Wearing glasses can often mean compromising on style especially at the time of wearing eye makeup or fake lashes. This is not in the case of lens as they in fact help enhance the overall look.brown and white ceramic mug
  • They move with your eyes and hence help looking at things with a direct, sharp and peripheral vision.
  • Specs often cause discomfort, distortions and reflections which is not in the case of contact lens.
  • People are often conscious about the fact that they need to wear specs to see properly but if one is wearing lens, it is something that does not convey the message of a poor vision. If helps people gain confidence and change the way they look at themselves. It helps in giving the face a more natural look.bellalens

There are many more reasons that can be dwelled upon to help make the smooth transition from specs to contact lens but it is always better to go to a store, try on the lens, experience how it feels and make a choice for yourself.

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