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Sergey Shapiro is an independent graphic designer from Moscow, Russia. He specializes in calligraphy, custom lettering, logotypes, typography, t-shirt designs and much more. His amazing work is heavily influenced by modern freestyle techniques, a wide range of writing tools, and a strong passion for clean expressive style. His work is bound to inspire any graphic designer who appreciates minimalism. Enjoy!

Stefanie & Brandon

Stefanie & Brandon

Critically Acclaimed | Logo for a clothing label from UK

Critically Acclaimed | Logo for a clothing label from UK



Streathers  Logo

Bananastreet Logo

Teelocker | Hong-Kong based clothing label

Teelocker | Hong-Kong based clothing label

Linden | Tattoo design for Stuart L. Crawford

Teelocker | Hong-Kong based clothing label

Ena Nuts | Logo for a clothing designer based in Moscow, Russia


Burnt Toast | Logo for a motion graphic company from Canada.

Burnt Toast

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