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Social networking and media is a hot and happening area that has garnered huge interest from all corners and this can be attributed mainly to its result oriented approach. When I say social media, people get enthused, sit up and take a notice of it, this is the power of social media and one should not miss out on the opportunity to meet up with it in the best way possible.

I could very well see that there is a mad rush for social media utilization. Though some of the social media sites are created with an intention to cater to personal needs, they have grown up to become a huge contributor in the business front as well.

Let us take a look at some of the top free social media plugins that provides you with the much needed result of driving more traffic towards your website:

Digg Digg

This is one among the most sought after free plugins which are known to produce good results in driving traffic to a particular website. I tried it out myself and I would say it works the best. It offers with a comprehensive social sharing plugin for blogs and websites. One can easily get the social sharing icon placed in the blog in a most convenient way. It also provides for floating bar buttons on the blogs and includes some of the best social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn and much more for impeccable use.



AddToAny is a well-known WordPress plugin that facilitates the sharing, emailing and bookmarking facilities over some of the most popular sites that include that of StumbleUpon, Digg, Google, Delicious and lot more of them. These plugins are also customizable and can be made more easily. I optimized the pages and blogs on certain social sites that proved to be of great help when bringing in more traffic to the site.



Sharebar is yet another phenomenal free WordPress plugin that provides a more reliable box with click buttons and sharing facility. It has both a vertical sharebar as well as horizontal ones that could be fitted as a specific blog or website’s needs. The auto mode facility proves to be of immense help.


Facebook Like Box

There is no denial over the fact that Facebook turned out to be one of the most sought after social media and networking system and it is wise to make use of in the right way, by posting blogs and website pages on Facebook. If you want to get across the blog post, you can very well get the Facebook Like Box’s free WordPress plugin. It is easy to activate this particular widget with a code and it is possible to adjust the width, height and length in an easy way.


Sexy Bookmarks

This is a reliable WordPress plugin system and it is being widely used to drive more traffic towards the website or blog. All that you need is to get it fixed on your toolbar and you are sure to see good results in just a few days.


Get Social

Get Social offers a lightweight and sharp floating social media sharing box on the blogs and the posts that you put up from time to time. With this WordPress plugin system, it becomes easy to add on as many social media buttons you would like.



Socialize is one of the most convenient methods to add actionable social bookmarks to your blog posts in a selective manner. It is a great social plugin, as it supports different versions and also manages the social bookmarks in an effective manner. For all those, who are making use of the social bookmarks, proper management and organizing is essential to keep it going in a proper way.


Apart from this, the visual appeal factor to WordPress can be added best with WordPress Genesis themes. If you are starting an Internet business, consider using these free plugins and watch your online presence increase.

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