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In the world of blogging and content management, it is no secret that WordPress is king. What started humbly as a small blogging system in 2003 has since grown by leaps and bounds to be one of the biggest self-hosted blogging platforms and content management systems available in the entire world.

It is used by literally millions of individuals every day; praised for its ease and organization and for its unmatched functionality and dummy proof navigation.

The seemingly infinite variety of quality Plugins and widgets that WordPress offers enhances the experience of blogging while also providing solutions and opportunities for webmasters to earn money through affiliate marketing.  Below are some of the top WordPress Plugins available for affiliate marketers.

Top WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer Plugin


Receiving a 4 out of 5 star rating, this Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer Plugin is one of the best WordPress Plugins for Amazon affiliates. It works by automatically embedding your affiliate ID to any Amazon links on the pages of your website.

It also adapts to the local Amazon store of the surfer, for example, if the person checking out your post lives in the UK then the Amazon link that he or she clicks on will point them to their UK Amazon store. This plugin is a huge time saver as you will no longer have to individually embed your affiliate ID in the Amazon products you are promoting.



WP-Chatbot for Facebook Messenger Customer Chat


With over 1.3 billion users, The benefits of using Facebook Messenger chat for your business are endless. This plugin was created by MobileMonkey to help you easily integrate Facebook Messenger on your website. From your website visitors can easily chat with you or your live support team.


  • Add Messenger Customer Chat in Web Applications
  • Messenger Language
  • Messenger Theme Color
  • Enable/disable Facebook Analytics
  • Greetings message for logged in users ( If Facebook logged in the current browser )
  • Greetings message for logged out users
  • Greetings Dialog Display
  • Greetings Dialog Delay
  • REF Attribute
  • Hide Messenger based on post type, post id, category, Device ( Mobile, Desktop )
  • Shortcode – add different settings at page level.
  • WooCommerce Compatible



Google XML Sitemaps Plugin 


The Google XML Sitemaps Plugin is one of the best tools for indexing your blog. It works by producing a XML sitemap that popular search engine sites such as Bing, Yahoo and Google can index more efficiently and easily. Also, every time that you publish new content, those popular search engines are automatically informed.



All in One SEO Pack


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is essential for affiliate marketers because the more traffic you receive, the more likely it will be that you will generate continual leads and sales. WordPress All in One SEO Pack optimizes your blog for search engine automatically. Some of the features include automatic META tags generation, supplies Google Analytics aid and API integration so other Plugins can function effectively.



Pretty Link Lite Plugin


All of you affiliate marketers out there know all too well the long, obtrusive links that are generated once you embed your affiliate ID, well,  WordPress Pretty Link Plugin is the answer to all that obtrusion and a lot more. This plugin allows you to shorten links while also providing reports as to where the interaction from that link came from. Pretty Links allows you to personalize tiny links using your own domain name. This plugin has proven beneficial for marketers as it tracks the number of unique hits throughout the day.



WPtouch Mobile Plugin


The extreme advances in the mobile world have allowed Smartphone users to view WebPages with ease. The WPtouch pro is a plugin that provides a mobile experience for visitors you are using mobile devices. You have control of the appearance of your mobile site and there are a lot of themes to choose from. It installs quickly and creates a clean and easy to navigate mobile experience.



Duplicator Plugin


The duplicator plugin is for affiliate marketers who manage more than one WordPress sites. Instead of having to design each site individually, Duplicator will clone the design from one of your sites and allow you to apply it to your other WordPress sites, it also acts as a backup.



P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)


The Plugin Performance profiler is a highly valuable plugin for WordPress sites. Certain Plugins can actually slow down your site’s loading time, this plugin measures the impact that your Plugins have on your site and pinpoints which ones are slowing it down. With this tool, load time and navigation will always be smooth as you will be able to weed out the trouble makers.


First impressions are important when it comes to attracting new visitors to your website and for inspiring people to click your links. Sites and blogs that are beautiful and easy to navigate have the obvious advantage over the competition. WordPress is the proven ultimate when it comes to creating sites and blogs that look good and that are easy to navigate.

Affiliate marketing can start off as a way to make extra money and quickly turn into a steady source of income. Websites which have many affiliates on quickly earn money, for example Web Hosting review websites such as clearly work well as affiliates because there is always somebody who is looking for a review or for advice.

Great content can link one website to another and the extreme availability of high quality WordPress Plugins has made making money by affiliate marketing easier than it has ever been.

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Olivia-Rose James is highly creative and she enjoys discovering new Plugins as she has started web development and design. She enjoys writing quality content and thinking of new ideas.

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