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Web design and development is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. There have been many tools used to develop websites in the past, a trend that keeps growing. There are many new tools that make web design simple and some of them have been produced in 2012. This article looks at some of the new web design and development tools that produce stand out web design and development.


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Plagiarism checker

The importance of original content on the web is classical. Websites with original content perform better than those with duplicate content and this is a standard. Plagtracker is a great tool that allows developers ensure their content is original. This has both reputation and SEO benefits to the website.


This is another trendy web creation tool making its rounds in the web community now. In the recent past, the obsession with the tilt shift in images has been popularized especially in TV. This tool materializes these feelings by giving images a miniaturised feel.

This tool gives you the chance to create the feel to the images without having to use cameras and instead, it can be done with simple fancy CSS. Although it currently works on Chrome and safari alone, it’s still useful at its infancy. This tool is completely free of charge.

The slide show presentation is currently in danger of falling into disrepute and without the power of Apple or Microsoft behind you, it’s becoming harder and harder to create something nice. is an online interface that allows you to reveal .js. fast and easy.

This tool makes the slide show effective and easy to export to different formats like PDF. It also facilitates the easy publishing of work.

Microsoft WebMatrix 2

Microsoft is one of the biggest tech giants in the world and in recent years, it’s made great steps to improve its development suite. The Webmatrix2 is just one of its great tools which are used as a web design all-rounder.

The Webmatrix2 is all-functions packed into one and can enable you manage the different web development and effects of today. In terms of its support of other web design and development frameworks, the Webmatrix2 is well equipped with Joomla, DotNetNuke, among others. This tool is free of charge.

Adobe edge tools

These are Flash-like animation tools for HTML. They have great code editors and a mobile testing platform which make their function much needed for the current web design standards and needs. As part of the Creative Cloud proposition by adobe, these tools are towards its efforts to produce cutting edge tools and technology for development.

Although quite rough on the edges, experts state that the package allows for amazing, and unique web fonts that are yet to reach the market. These tools can be accessed with the free fonts of the web. Currently, these tools go for Free and for £57/month plus VAT.

Status Cake

One of the biggest challenges the web is site status; especially when sites are down. These challenges are caused by a number of factors and it’s important for one to know what caused this. Status Cake is a great site monitoring tool for web developers and designers. It can be set at short intervals, as low as 5 minutes as it reports on site status though email or SMS.

Monitor Backlinks

Backlinks are crucial for the survival on the web. This tool allows you easy capability to monitor back links to a website. With a free account, you can monitor at least 10 back links but extra capabilities can be enjoyed when you subscribe to higher plans.

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  1. Indeed, original content for any website is very much important and one cannot deny the important of fresh content for web page. Apart from this blog also talks about several other important tools for web development work.

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