Amusing Toy Story Series by Aled Lewis |

Amusing Toy Story Series by Aled Lewis

Aled Lewis is a designer & illustrator based in London, UK.  We recently came across his awe­somely hilarious prints. What happens when you mix creativity with humor? His unique Toy Story Series! These awesome ideas, illustrate irony in a laughable way. It’s quite amazing to see how just a little dialog box can change all the meaning of a picture.

So if you are having a bad day or wanna have a better one, these illustrations will definitely help. Get your giggle on!

Note: All Rights Reserved by Aled Lewis

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A La Mode


Unwelcome Surprise


Nobody Likes A Show-Off

Pugs + Drugs

Slow Coach


Chance Encounter

Horn Hubris

Horses Gonna Horse

Teenage Angst

Born This Way

Murder Mystery

Make Weight

Live-Action Cutscene

Maybe Next Year

Too Much Information

Thick Skin

Annoying Passenger

Holy Cow


Back to the Future

You Used To Be Cool

Sex Fact

Life’s Too Short

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